GayPV Magazine 35th Edition – May 2023

GayPV Magazine 35th Edition – May, 2023   Hi Readers! We have entered that magical time of the season when one can express themselves and stand in their truth while coming together with thousands of others in the community to boldly declare their PRIDE! Beyond the celebration, PV offers visitors and locals a tremendous nightlife […]

GayPV Magazine 33rd Edition – Nov 2022

GayPV Magazine 33rd Edition – Nov, 2022   Hello Puerto Vallarta, In most places, around this time, things are about winding down the year and preparing for the next…but Puerto Vallarta is NOT most places! From world-famous drag artists doing PV residencies to world-renowned events like Bear Week, here in PV, we aren’t about winding […]

GayPV Magazine 32nd Edition – May 2022

GayPV Magazine 32nd Edition – May – Oct, 2022   Hello Puerto Vallarta, We have entered the month of Pride!  Pride is a beautiful time in Puerto Vallarta because a city already so alive and beaming with color becomes even more vibrant. Celebrations of identity and expression that form a community radiate through the town […]

Preparations Begin for Restaurant Week 2021

Organized by Vallarta Lifestyles Media Group, Restaurant Week has officially begun preparations for its 17th edition. This annual event, which celebrates regional cuisine to delight both residents and visitors of Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit, will take place on special dates for the second year in a row: from September 15th to October 10th. “Last […]

Bianca Del Rio Ready For Her First Puerto Vallarta Performance

Bianca Del Rio Ready For Her First Puerto Vallarta Performance. GAYPV was excited to interview Drag Superstar and self proclaimed “Clown In A Gown” sensation Bianca Del Rio about her first appearance in Puerto Vallarta. The Almar Group is bringing her as part of the entertainment during Puerto Vallarta Gay Pride held May 24-31, 2021.  […]