Let ’em Eat Cake!

Back in 2018 when the US Supreme Court ruled in favor of an idiot Colorado baker who did not want to bake rainbow wedding cakes because it was against his “religion”, I thought, “how stupid! I’ll take that business.” So I thought up the name, “Let ‘em Eat Cake!” and kept the idea on the […]

The Gay Divorcé Arrives & Sets Sights On Puerto Vallarta

This article is written by Spencer Nutting author of the soon to be released book Gay Divorce: Texas Style A tale of unrequited love involving Puerto Vallarta. I first came to Puerto Vallarta some forty years ago winning a raffle for a 10 day stay in a 7 room condo. I invited my partner, now […]

GAYPV Interview with Alam Wernick In Puerto Vallarta

GAYPV exclusive interview with Alam Wernick Alam, how have you been? I am great! I have been traveling and very busy. Finally, since 2020, we can feel those full-time weeks non-stop and I love it! You first visited PV while you were filming with www.Lucasentertainment. com last November of 2022; tell us what your first […]

Rafael Velazquez One of PV’s New Singing Sensations

One of Puerto Vallarta’s newest singing sensations is Rafael Velazquez. His voice is being heard all over PV at La Cantina Catrina, Hotel Mercurio, Casita and Garden and Incanto. We decided to get in touch with him for an interview to find out more about him. Rafael thank for your taking time to speak to […]

Dip Into The Beef

Steve Buczek’s Beef Dip has become an iconic staple of PV’s Bear Week. We were able to catch up with Steve ahead of Bear Week 2023! Steve thank you for chatting with us, summer is viewed as the “Off-season” for PV, how have you spent this time?  Well it might be off-season for some but for […]

Brawny Bear 2022

  Brian Kent organizer of Brawny Bear Weekend tells GAYPV the inside story of what this bear weekend is all about. Brawny Bear Weekend is an all inclusive weekend where bears and their admirers from all over the world come to get away just before the American Thanksgiving Holiday. The weekend consists of several events, dancer […]

Sebastian Coronel Boys On Fire New International Show

Sebastian Coronel and his group Boys On Fire present their new “International” show at The Palm Cabaret this season. We wanted to meet Sebastian and find out his story and how Boys On Fire originated. Sebastian, tell us about yourself and how you started dancing. I am 34 years old and have always loved to […]

Top or Bottom (Floor that is), Something For Everyone

GayPV talks to Mike Owens about his journey to PV and creating the town’s newest gay bars: THERAPY and STUDS opening in May 2022. GayPV: Welcome to PV! Tell us a little about yourself: Mike Owens: Thank you, and I appreciate you letting me introduce myself to our local Vallarta friends & family! I am […]

Comfort and A Cause

MOUNDERWEAR MO Underwear aims to create a product that is sexy, classic, cool and still manage to give back to the community. Here is our discussion with MO underwear about their concept. by Sidney Stokes ——————- GAYPV: I’m here with On and I’m here with Dave. Thank y’all for taking the time to meet with […]

VACAYA is heading to Gay Puerto Vallarta! Exclusive interview

Exclusive interview for GayPV withRandle Roper and Patrick Gunn,co-founders of VACAYA. https://www.youtube.com/embed/H4ywALC89Mc by Daniel Portela for GayPV GAYPV: GAYPV Magazine is very excited and honored to have Patrick Gunn and Randle Roper co-founders of MyVACAYA.com. How are you? Patrick Gunn: Excellent. I’m Patrick. Randle Roper: I’m Randle, and I’m doing great. We’re happy to chat […]

Kim Kuzma: A Spotlight on Real Estate

We are excited to talk to Kim Kuzma who has been performing in Puerto Vallarta cabaret venues since 2005. She has been a major factor in the development of the Puerto Vallarta cabaret scene and has recently become a real estate agent. We wanted to hear how she began performing in Puerto Vallarta and then […]

Many Happy Returns

Chris Collins (on right side in the picture) and his friend Ken Nabess, both from Toronto, returned from Puerto Vallarta in January 2022. Chris made his first visit to PV in the winter of 2005 and met Ken, who had been visiting since 2003. They have been best friends ever since and usually visit PV […]

We Are Gay Vallarta

Exclusive interview with Javier Jiménez for GayPV. We are speaking with Javier Jimenez, Puerto Vallarta native and head of Grupo Garbo, which brings these businesses to Puerto Vallarta: Garbo Bar, Wet, La Margarita, Mr. Flamingo, Industry Nightclub and Brewing Bar, Nomada Construction, Korpo Spa, and Daiquiri Dick’s on the Beach. Javier has played a huge […]

Catching Up with Rocco Steele

Rocco, thank you for taking the time to speak with us, and while you are in PV nonetheless. In recent years, Puerto Vallarta has become a must-visit gay spot. What do you think has made PV such a red-hot destination for gay travelers? I am a huge fan of Mexico in general, visiting many cities […]

Chris Diamond from WHITE PARTY Global – exclusive interview

Exclusive interview by GayPV. Photographies: Chris Diamond (Phil Lobel). White Party PS (Iggy Lopez). White Party PV (GayPV) GAYPV is happy to speak with Chris Diamond, Executive Producer of the new White Party Global. Following the massive success of White Party Palm Springs (WPPS), White Party Puerto Vallarta (WPPV) was born. PV was also the […]