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  • American Airlines (AA) was the first airline to choose for LGBT marketing in 1994, and a mere USD 300,000 budget resulted in increased revenue of over USD 190 million by 1999 . Find the latest airline travel discounts and cheap airfare tickets to airlines flying to and from the gay city of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

    AA is still leader in the field of LGBT marketing (although this may change due to the merger with USAirways). For close to two decades, AA has been a pioneer in implementing fair-minded policies and practices for its lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) customers and employees. AA remains the most gay-friendly of all U.S. airlines through its generous partnerships with the LGBT community, as well as its loyalty and respect for customers, employees and shareholders, and unflagging commitment to diversity. AA started a marketing program aimed at gay business travelers in 2005. Its efforts include establishing sponsorship deals with Gay and Lesbian Chambers of Commerce; AA has been the official airline sponsor of various chamber conventions. They are also the official airline for many LGBT organisations, such as the Human Rights Campaign, GLAAD, IGLTA, Trevor Project, National Gay & Lesbian Taskforce, PFLAG and many others.

    American Airlines has merged with several carriers since its formation in 1930 (which itself happened by a merger of 82 carriers). These have included Trans Caribbean Airways in 1971, Air California in 1987, Reno Air in 1999, Trans World Airlines (TWA) in 2001, and US Airways in 2015 to form the largest airline in the world. The latter obviously was the most important one, and greatly influenced the policy of the company. It is as yet unsure if or how the LGBT programme will be continued.