Puerto Vallarta Drag Shows WHAT A DRAG 2018 Bigger Than Ever

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what a drag fundraiserPuerto Vallarta Drag Shows WHAT A DRAG 2018 is bigger than ever. The annual charity fundraiser WHAT A DRAG took place February 18, 2018 at Teatro Vallarta. The title is: “What a Drag! Straight Men Standing up Against Violence Against Women”. The cause is of utmost concern and this fiesta is a fun way to raise funds for the organization assisting women, many with children who have been battered and threatened. Feddy Alva sang while attendees gathered including dear friends greeted with hugs and kisses. M/C’ing the event was Hedda Lettuce who sang “Queen of Green” which summed up her image to the world, at least to those present.

There were seven brave men who volunteered their time and ‘masculinity’ for the good of our community. Actually, it appeared some men were enjoying themselves, maybe a little too much! Ken Sebryk, Homero Iniguez, Andrew Jordan, Shawn Morgan, Mike Chisom, Joey Real and Brett Lamar were the contestants for it was announced that we received a ballot where we picked choice of a winner after all which lie ahead.
Our wonderful giving local singing icon of Puerto Vallarta came out in elegant fashion knowing she had some stiff competition. The seven ladies entered to huge applause as Kim Kuzma sang “I’m Every Woman”. One at a time each lady showed her female creation, which was accomplished by a small staff of makeup artists and hairdressers, plus coaching from well-meaning friends [Fairy Drag Mother]. Then she was introduced each contestant who was asked a question. The audience was encouraged to participate. The talent section continued the hilarity but we got serious while viewing these ladies who one by one displayed their training and rehearsal. There was not a miss in the group. Songs ranged from Chicago’s “When You’re Good to Mama” to “These Boots Are Made For Walkin'”, “I’m Too Sexy” and Linda Ronstadt’s “Canciones” with traditional flamenco dancers. One person, a local artist, painted starry balloons on a blank canvas, which was to be auctioned off.
Hostess/Mistress Hedda sang about her famous “Lettuce Family Line”, citing each relative in an apropos way, as Red Leaf being her Native American member and Bok Choy her foreign exchange student from Asia until she was nine years old. Hedda showed her enormous ability to adlib. There may have been a script but that was merely a set of footnotes.
Sean Moore of Nacho Daddy’s conducted a profitable live auction adding to the coffers. Reina Elizabeth danced beautifully with all seven ladies who were all dressed up and ready to project their abilities to the voting attendees. Danny Mininni of Act II Entertainment encouraged offers from business owners in the crowd, each donating 10,000 pesos until the grand total for this fundraising event reached 800,000 pesos.
Local leader Ray Vallarta addressed the gathering concerning the importance of this night and brought along the shelter’s founder who lauded the efforts of everyone on stage and in the seats. Once again, the efforts were highly successful with generous donors and this larger venue enabling higher tickets sales.
Ballots were collected after the grand finale and when we all reconvened, Andrew Jordan was crowned Ms. What a Drag! 2018. All seven were deserving of the title and were thanked profusely as were all the sponsors, the city, Freda Thompson and her staff of volunteers, the theater and the entertainers who gave of themselves for the benefit of our community.
This article written by Puerto Vallarta long time local resident and author of Beck’s Best Restaurant Guide and Theatre and Cabaret and More.



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