El Patio Bar And Dog Park Hosts SPCA Fundraiser

The SPCA of PV held a successful fundraiser at Puerto Vallarta’s new El Patio Bar and Dog Park on January 27, 2022. Local PAW volunteers Chris Tripp and Chris Rising collected many great prizes and raised 57,700 pesos for the charity. Many of the shelter supporters participated in the 50/50 drawing, and El Patio donated a portion of the drink sales to the shelter. El Patio is Puerto Vallarta’s new outdoor bar and dog park where you can bring your dog to a safe, fenced area to play and socialize with other dogs while you enjoy a refreshing, delicious drink.

SPCA would like to thank El Patio for hosting the fundraiser and the businesses for their donations: La Catrina Cantina, Tamale Ringwald, The Palm Cabernet, Miss Conception, Dueling Drag Divas, Mama Tits, Apaches, Mandy McPherson Travelling Yogi Retreats, Kevin Ermel, Botanical Gardens Puerto Vallarta, Todd Friedman (best cord-cutting tv), Curtis Rice ( cast statue by Oscar de la o Sanchez) Chris Rising, American English tree, Chacalaca, La Piazetta, La Carretta, Swell Beach bar, Gaby Wardlow-Friessen( Ez beads), Bahia Photos, Karen Hiebert, John Abel, Fortino Ulloa (Beach massages), Metamorfosis Day spa, Thomas Simon Salon, and Artisan Bakery. Thanks for Chris Tripp for providing the information.




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