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Puerto Vallarta news: Vallarta Food Bank – People Helping Others. Just over two months ago a grass roots organization was started by Francie Nguyen (owner of Bonito Kitchen, Bonito Café and Ramen Ya), Francie Victoria Bañuelos and Jimmy Plouff. They realized that there was going to be a big issue for many in the Puerto Vallarta area as a result of greatly decreased tourism due to Covid19. People would be without work and not able to make ends meet. They knew they could not let this happen to the people who make living here such a great experience. Immediately they started the Vallarta Food Bank and now, with the help of many local volunteers and people who have donated money, they are making a huge difference in many lives. 

When the food bank idea was initiated they started with just 6 food packages for the most vulnerable families and now they are up to more than 3,000 a week and are reaching the neediest and deserving families in Vallarta. Areas from all over the bay are being served and the Vallarta Food Bank is making a big difference in these communities. This of course doesn’t come without a large cost. Just this month they will be spending over $70,000 USD to make in excess of 12,000 food packages, which is the equivalent of over 350,000 meals for the families in need.

Unfortunately, this need won’t stop in the near future. The coming months are traditionally slower here, especially for those involved in tourism, and the impacts of Covid19 on future tourism are still unknown. The Vallarta Food Bank is also hoping to continue to help families well after this pandemic is over. They have great plans to expand the program, including soup kitchens, a program for the elderly, and other great initiatives. The need for financial contributions and volunteers is now needed more than ever. Many of us love being in Vallarta and one of the main reasons is the people that help us out. Let’s all give back if you can – even a couple of dollars helps. To maintain the food bank’s momentum, there is much more that you can do to help. Donate or volunteer. Every $1 USD you contribute enables the food bank to provide 5 meals to those who need it now.

The Vallarta Food Bank is asking you to join their slow season pledge, a special three month commitment that really helps people get through this trying time. You can send a donation now and pledge to do the same in the next two months, or make a single gift that will allow the food bank to provide services throughout the whole summer. Better yet, sign up for monthly contributions and help them achieve their vision of a more self- sustaining paradise.  Both the three-month commitment and monthly giving are available on the Vallarta Food
Bank website at https://vallartafoodbank.com/monthly-membership.
The Vallarta Food Bank website is now ready to accept both credit cards and PayPal, and if you can they would be grateful for you to make your donation on their website to save money on service charges https://vallartafoodbank.com/donate-1.  To donate with Casa JoJo Foundation, which will allow you to receive U.S. charitable tax receipts, click here: https://www.casajojofoundation.org/vallarta-food-bank.html For those that can please let’s all help take care of those in need. These are the people who make Vallarta the special place that it is.



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