Hotel Mercurio Drag Brunch November 21 2020 The first Mercurio Drag Brunch was a huge success thanks to the lovely hostess, Angelica Estrella Angiestarpv and her special guest, Doña Leona Helmsley, on her worst behaviour. It was so unfortunate that the lady of the house, Eileen Toodaleft aka Rosa Melano is in the middle of her Asian tour and wasn’t be able attend the very first Mercurio Drag Brunches this weekend Instead, she sent her bestie, former hotelier and convicted felon Leona Helmsley, to represent her!

Here’s a Mercurio Drag Brunch checklist for you! Bring an appetite, a swimsuit (or buy one from us!), and all the accessories you want! No accessories? No problem! We have a choice of strategically sanitized props for you to borrow for the day to look and feel faboo! Make your reservation by calling 322-222-4793 or by Whatsapp, 322-105-8669. Photos courtesy of Hotel Mercurio and Angie Starr!