Puerto Vallarta Bars Reopen September 1 2021 with Limited Capacity. Per the official statement released by the Governor of Jalisco, here are the Covid-19 updated guidelines for Puerto Vallarta

  • Bars and clubs allowed to reopen at 25% capacity (according to the license)
  • Restaurants at 50% capacity (according to the license)
  • Social events: Outdoors: 300 people. Closed spaces: 150 people. Social events limited to 5 hours maximum.
  • Hotels at allowed 80% capacity with common areas at 50%  bars in hours according to license.
  • Stadium capacity at 33%. 

The following events are still suspended: Massive events of more than 300 people without authorization from the health table. These in person events are also canceled in person events: National holidays,  October parties, religious festivities outside the town,  Government protests, and festivities around these events in person.

Also remember everyone should wear a mask on a permanent basis in public areas.