What Is New Gay Puerto Vallarta January 2021

Covid Test puerto vallarta Covid-19 Testing in Puerto Vallarta for all tourists returning to the United States. The CDC is requiring Covid-19 tests for everyone returning to the US on/after Jan 26 2021. Here are locations. 

SETAC LGBT Center both locations Lazaro Cardenas #379 and Versailles Aldanca #178 are providing all 3 types of testing. Call 322-224-1974 for appointment.  

eat at davidsWe are happy to anounce that Eat at David’s now has Delivery Service. Starting today you can call or message us and for an extra $40 pesos on your total bill we can deliver to your house or condo!






We are super excited to be able introduce our new local artist gracing the walls at Apaches.We are pleased to feature #DanyolLeon (aka #TamaleRingwald) unique and colourful style of art which brings so much colour to our walls and we are sure it will bring more colour to yours. Please stop by and take a look for yourselves!! Help us support our Community!! Check out the weblink below to view his entire collection.
Storytelling can take on many forms. My Mexican Grandmother, or Nana, passed down stories to her American grandchildren through craft and folk art. As I weave together colors and figures on a canvas in my newly adopted Mexican home, I reflect on her visual storytelling, and the impact it has on my art. This collection is called Re-Generation.
Quilting played a very important role in my early childhood. Nana would create beautiful, abstract quilts for our family out of household fabrics, reused and repurposed. A laundry bag became a stuffed animal or even oven mitts – something mundane transformed into something memorable. I love how she took her art and handed it down to her grandchildren as a way of passing down our traditions and cultures. These items told a story of our family as they moved from Mexico to the United States. This intergenerational storytelling through craft was very formative to my practice. As I stitch together color and form to tell my own story, I continue the history of my family and use what I learned from my Nana.
Danyol Leon, aka Tamale Ringwald, moved to Puerto Vallarta in 2019 with his husband Bill. They live in Zona Romantica and run the queer tour company Tamale’s Tours.
www.danyol.com | IG: @danyolleon | FB: /iheartdanyol
Venmo: @danyol | PayPal: danyol@danyol.com