Bianca Del Rio Ready For Her First Puerto Vallarta Performance

Bianca Del Rio Ready For Her First Puerto Vallarta Performance. GAYPV was excited to interview Drag Superstar and self proclaimed “Clown In A Gown” sensation Bianca Del Rio about her first appearance in Puerto Vallarta. The Almar Group is bringing her as part of the entertainment during Puerto Vallarta Gay Pride held May 24-31, 2021. 

GAYPV: Of course we have all been affected by the pandemic. How have you been affected and what are you doing differently personally and in your career? Bianca Del Rio: Since I did Drag Race in 2013 I had been going nonstop. We had been on the road and traveling all over the world nonstop. Then came the Covid-19 pandemic. Time for a cultural reset.  I had a couple of months questioning what’s going on? How is this going to affect my life? Is this going to be just a few minutes and then I’ll be back to normal. As we know days became months and then eventually no live performing so I started looking for other ways to communicate to my fans. Hence my new podcast. 

Do you think there will be any new norms or anything positive in performing arts as a result of COVID-19? We’re all going to be more technologically savvy. We also realize we can do lots of things from home. So I think these will be the new norms. So I’m just excited to see it. I think the reset is going to change everybody’s views. 

Almar Group is bringing you to Vallarta Pride 2021. We are very excited to welcome you to Vallarta Pride 2021 and your first performance in Puerto Vallarta. I’m very excited to be performing in Puerto Vallarta for the first time. My good friends Jackie Beat and Sherry Vine have performed here so I am looking forward to my first performance. On May 26, 2021 I am speaking at the Pink Dinner and May 28, 2021,  I’ll be performing at the VIP reception event. 

Have you heard of the popularity of Vallarta Gay Pride and how fun it is? Oh yes I have. I mean every gay person I know in America goes to Vallarta Pride. I’m just so happy to see that pride still happening. I’m happy people are going down and visit PV for the economy and just in general for mental health. We’ve had friends and family pass away. We’ve had basically reality thrown in our face. So right now, it’s nice to think things are getting back to somewhat normal. In the midst of all this, pride is important. It can bring people togetherHopefully there will be some pretty people at pride.  Lord knows I’ve seen enough ugly people this year. 

The 1st ever drag cruise Jan 2022 features 4 “controversial” Legends of drag performers including arch-rival Lady Bunny. One of the port of calls on the cruise is Puerto Vallarta. Can you confirm the rumors that you turned the cruise down due to a catfight over top billing credits with Ms. Bunny? Or can you tell us why you aren’t included?  I have never had a cat fight with Lady Bunny. I just hate her. Actually the real reason I didn’t go on the same cruise with her is because she will sink the boat. That boat will sink if Lady Bunny is on it.  She should be dead, let’s be honest, I mean, at her age, I’m surprised she’s still alive, but I just talked to her two days ago. And Bunny is like when you talk to your mother, it takes about three hours on the phone. You have to sit down and listen. And I had a good talk with her so I probably won’t be talking to her for another couple of weeks.  Actually, there are very few people that I love working with and Bunny is one of them. She’s a lot of fun and we’ve known each other for God like 20 years. So we go way back, back when she was thin.  She used to be thin a long time ago. But you’re in good hands with Bunny.

Puerto Vallarta is very fortunate to have the #1 cabaret scene in Mexico. In fact we have been called P town South. We have 4 venues with 2 and 3 shows nightly in season with greats like Mama Tits, Sutton Seymour, Miss Conception, Hedda Lettuce, Chi Chi Rones and Joanna and more. What do you know about the PV cabaret scene from your friends? I hate every queen you just named. (kidding). I know every one of them and follow them on Instagram. I actually got my start working in different cabaret venues. I haven’t performed in Vallarta and performed in P Town for the first time just a few years ago.  The performers keep saying how wonderful the cabaret scene is in Vallarta and how great it is having audiences for multiple shows.  So I say good for them and I’m glad to see them working. Where ever live performance is thriving, I’m happy to see every queen working. It’s so wonderful Puerto Vallarta has an audience. You can’t do a show if you don’t have an audience. So I say thank you. And as long as we’re all working, that’s the best part.

Tell GAYPV readers about your new podcast. It’s called the Bianca del Rio podcast, and it’s available on Apple podcast or Spotify wherever you find your podcast. We are up to episode 7 at this point. It’s a treat to talk to people and not have to be in drag. That is exciting on its own. I can be in my pajamas and have conversations with people about anything they want. So it’s been it’s been a lot of fun. I’ve been lucky as I’ve gotten to speak with Vanessa Williams, who I love. Yesterday I recorded one with Alan Cumming. There are many comedians and talented Broadway performers coming up. So I’m enjoying reaching out to the people and have them talk about what they love. 

Your favorite movie Auntie Mame

Do you play a musical instrument I can play one song on the accordion, which is challenging, but that’s about it. I recently bought a piano that I am trying to learn to play. 

Photo credit Of Bianca Del Rio by Denise Malone



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