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Derek, where are you from and how many years have you been a porn star? I’m Mexican from Cuernavaca, Morelos and began my porn career in January 2016.

Why are there so few Mexican Porn stars? It is because few dare to take the criticism they will face from the Mexican society and even the gay community itself. Personally I am very fortunate to have the support of my immediate family. 

We have seen too many sad deaths of many famous gay porn stars who could not deal with the pressure of the short lived fame in a very fickle industry. How do you deal with the pressure?  I regret the deaths of my colleagues, in my case I am a very focused person heavily centered around my family and friends.

  • I separate my professional life from the real me.
  • I have an strong soul and I like to have healthy fun.
  • I do not use anything that damages my body,
  • I feed on positive people
  • I think we should separate reality with that famed fantasy world.

What do you see yourself doing in 5 years? I see myself full of life being firm with my goals, I want a more relaxed life in with my dogs, my house and my business. I want a normal and quiet life, although it is difficult because now I live in Canada and fortunately my fame is increasing.

What advice would you give to anyone considering a making a career of the porn industry? My best advice if you dare, yes it will be difficult. The biggest thing is to change that mentality of those who criticize porn stars and overcome the criticism in being one. Being a porn star is just a job and everyone, no matter what they do, deserves to be respected.

It is very difficult to have a relationship in the industry. Are you in a relationship now? I had been single 5 years. I tried to go out with guys but it was difficult for them, so I decided to take a break. I needed a partner to understand and love me for who I am and respect my decisions. So now I am dating a French guy who knows everything about me and supports my decision. He lives in Montreal and I in live in Toronto so now I’m happy and I hope everything works out.

What is a huge turn on for you sexually, apart for when you are working? What sexually do you enjoy apart from the work aspect, what kinds of scenes, guys, etc. I am attracted to intelligent gentlemen with a mature mentality. I am an ass lover.  In the industry I do not choose who I perform with. The producers have their strategy and they see the best actor for you. They look for the fame of each actor when choosing the combinations. I enjoy doing real, believable scenes. I am with and I feel very happy with this company as they let me direct and do my part for a better end production.

Have your considered being a producer? If you did, what kind of gay sex scene would you create and film? If I produced, I would like to do series with gay themes for YouTube, not the typical ones we know about the group of gay friends, but I want to take my life a reality series so people understand how difficult it was to start in this industry.

  • Being one of the first Mexican porn stars
  • the rejection faced because of your work
  • the friends that criticize you
  • friendships lost because of your career
  • all those who want to be with Derek Allan the “porn actor” and no one with the real person before being famous
  • the criticism on my family

This was something difficult to go through and I would like to show people gay porn actors suffer but deserve to be respected like any one else.

What has been your most favorite scene and with whom? My favorite scene was with William Seed.  See the trailer here. We now a great friendship. During filming there were people watching us from the opposite building and the police arrived, the anecdote was fun.

What studio are you working for?  I’m with I made two scenes that are ready and ready to shoot two more new ones.

What awards have you won in the porn industry?  I have won several popularity awards in social networks where people vote and won the best latin gay porn actor twice from Germany.

What is your thoughts of bareback in the porn industry? I enjoy bareback and think it is exciting. Companies should pay attention to the health of their actors and accurate tests to verify actors’ status.

What is something that you want people to know about you that you don’t think they would know?

  • I am a normal human being like everyone else
  • I am very calm and relaxed
  • I love spending time with family
  • I am a fan of Harry Potter and Thalia,
  • I have a big sense of humor always playing jokes
  • I am an extreme romantic .

How do you want the world to see and know you?

  • I want people to recognize me as the Mexican who achieved world fame own his own merits without the help of anyone.
  • I help many charitable causes especially for the elderly. Ever since I lost my grandmother I hate to see an elderly person suffering.
  • I go to the hospitals as a doctor clown to bring happiness to the children and their families. We give food and cheer to those in need. In the future I would like to have a foundation full of volunteers to join.
  • Personally I want to be remembered for my smile.



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