Eliad Cohen Papa Party The Store And Puerto Vallarta

Eliad Cohen Papa Party The Store and Puerto Vallarta  In an exclusive interview with GAYPV Magazine in August 2021, Papa Party founder Eliad Cohen tells us how his new store came to be and Puerto Vallarta’s first Papa Party event hopefully will return in 2022 when things return to normal. Here are the highlights of what Eliad had to say about Puerto Vallarta.

Tell us about the new Eliad Cohen store.
Eliad: When the pandemic started I had to cancel all Papa Parties so I had a lot of time to be at home. I started to think of new ideas and in January 2021 launched the store. I partnered with Jose García and Jesus Jiménez from Spain creating an online store selling high end streetware. It is going great and we are shipping everywhere.  At first, we started selling different types of sneakers, t-shirts and tank tops, and due to the success and the great acceptance that we had, we decided to include swimwear in our collection, launched in July 2021.

Why is Puerto Vallarta ideal for a Papa Party?
E: Puerto Vallarta is a very unique place. It is a small gay village with amazing beaches but there are some great things there. One of my favorite places is Mantamar Beach Club, one of the best gay resorts in the world, the people are super-friendly, the restaurants in PV are great, the food is delicious. This is one of the coolest places to have a Papa Party. Puerto Vallarta’s first Papa Party in the Vallarta Heat Festival was schedule for May 2020 and had to be postponed due to Covid-19.

Puerto Vallarta is one of the top world-wide destinations for circuit parties. This was controversial for some during Covid-19. Do you see Puerto Vallarta as one of the top circuit parties destinations?
Eliad: Definately, PV really became popular in the last few years. It is now one of the best places to come for big parties, big weekends and holidays. This is great for the city because many tourists are now coming from US, Europe and other places in the world for the first time. The restaurants and bars are busy and the businesses in Vallarta have more clients. Everyone wins.

Have you had any parties in 2021? 
Eliad: Yes we have had a few events this year mainly pride events in the US where many people are vaccinated. I’m still producing the parties and will be integrating the clothing with the dancers and even a runway type fashion show here and there. So it is exciting.

Check www.eliadcohenstore.com for the latest collection. We ship worldwide and hope to be back in Puerto Vallarta soon. I hope everyone is ok during this crazy time and that soon things will be better. Let’s continue to share positive things and spread love, it´s all about that.





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