We are pleased to talk to Paul McNulty Official Go Go at Puerto Vallarta Bearadise Festival 2020. This fresh new concept of bear parties is by Christian Serrano and Daniel Amarillas held January 30-February 2, 2020. Paul is the official go go bear at the festival and is performing for the first time in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico!

Where are you from? Hey guys! I was born, raised and still live in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Have you visited or performed in Puerto Vallarta or in Mexico before? I have only visited Mexico once before. Andres surprised me with a trip to Playa del Carmen for our 10 year anniversary last December and obviously fell in love with it. So this will be my first performance in Mexico! 

Do you have any other friends who have performed or visited PV? No I don’t believe so… I could be wrong and some may correct me after this! Lol 

Any thoughts about the gay scene here in Mexico, especially Puerto Vallarta? The bear scene looks amazing, from all the pictures I’ve seen from past bear events in PV… I just had to come when I was given this opportunity! 

What other big gay events do you enjoy performing at? I’ve performed at bear events all around the world now and other gay circuit parties… I have probably danced in every major city in Europe over the last few years and made it a plan to start to work my way further…  I’ve now been to many cities in the US and also as far as South Korea now 3 times ! They have a great bear community there also! Mexico and Japan where on the top of my list next . So this is a bit tick for me. I can’t wait! 

You are in a relationship with Andres Santana?  We interview many porn stars who say it is difficult to have a relationship and constant traveling even working together every day makes this difficult. How long have you been together? What is the secret to staying together? Who is right most of the time? Me and Andres have been together since we where 19 years old… which means we have now been together for 11 years! It’s not difficult living this life style while being in a relationship at all. It really works for us. I can understand how it can be difficult for some , but we are both so laid back and love each other more than anything in the world and we know nothing would ever come between us… we just have that kind of relationship and I know I’m very lucky. I don’t think there really is a secret to it. It’s really simple… don’t be an asshole to each other and don’t argue over small things. Always look at the bigger picture and also, I’m always right… lol

What are your hobbies? I don’t have many except traveling, going to the gym as a habit as much as a hobbie and also I try to keep up with professional wrestling as much as I can. That was my love as a kid. If I was not doing this job I would definitely be trying to become a wrestler lol. 

Do created the clothing brand Dark Room?  How is that going and what is new with it? Yes! Dark Room Brand is me and Andres’ fetish and clothing line we created 3 years ago. It’s really going from strength to strength! We have an awesome new mesh collection coming at the end of this month! I can’t wait to dance in it! 

How involved are you in the design and production?  That’s more Andres side of things! But we always say if we would wear it out ourselves, then we would sell it! 

Tell us about the calendars you do? The calendar was what started the Dark Room brand off. Andres took some pictures of me in a dark room setting and we sold it in 2017 as a calendar and they sold like hot cakes! Maybe because it had my first ever full frontal nude photo in it! Lol 

What about your only fans xxx account? Will you be filming while in PV? This has been great fun to run. It really gives you so much more sexual freedom compared to Instagram etc, it’s been great. Yes, I think I’ll get some content in PV… there will be so many sexy bears.  

What do you want those bears who will be attending your PV event to know about you that they probably do not? I like when people come up and say hello to me if they recognise me! Don’t think you are ever bothering me.

What do you see yourself doing in 10 years?  Ah, 10 years and I’ll be 41… I hope that I had worked so hard in my 30’s that I can relax a little more… but I can’t ever see myself slowing down! Lol.

What used to be known as Vallarta Bear Weekend has evolved to Bearadise, bringing you better than ever experiences in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Vallarta Bear Weekend first made its premier last season, offering more choices for the bear community. This fresh new concept was created by your Puerto Vallarta bear friends Christian Serrano & Daniel Amarillas for the bear community. For their next festival in 2020 and tickets, please visit their website