Puerto Vallarta Police Officers plan LGBT Sensitivity Training

///Puerto Vallarta Police Officers plan LGBT Sensitivity Training

Puerto Vallarta Police Officers plan LGBT Sensitivity Training

Héctor Ramírez Betancur, coordinator of the LGBTTTI Vallarta Collective, says that police officers in Puerto Vallarta will receive sensitivity training on how to treat the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transsexual community.  According to Betancur, this was decided after a meeting with the Commissioner for Citizen Security, Jorge Misael López Muro, where it was explained that these courses are part of the recommendation that the State Commission of Human Rights made to the City Council this year.  The training will last three hours and will be in groups of 30 people taught at the Police Academy beginning next Monday, July 16, 2018. Everyone in the security department, including the top commanders, administrative personnel, and academy trainees will be involved in the training. 

Importantly this training has the support of Mayor Rodolfo Dominguez who says this training will benefit Puerto Vallarta as a whole and turn it into an inclusive locality that does not discriminate or mistreat the LGBT community. Those attending this meeting also were Laura Olmedo Tostado, Chief of the Municipal Police Academy, psychologist Gina Vázquez one of the course trainers, and Sandra Bautista, member of the Vallarta Collective. 

Remember the Office of Legal Assistance to Tourists and Foreign Residents is where you can also request legal assistance and present complaints against any abuse from private or public service providers. All formal complaints will receive an answer within a 24 hour period. 
• Police officers must have and show their ID.
• The police have the right to ask you for your ID.
• If you’re out late at night, it’s smart to keep your ID separate from your wallet, so if you have to present ID, you don’t have to flash cash.   



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