Daisy Buquet “Pansy”

DAISY BUCKET THREE NIGHTS ONLY at ACT II Red Room NOVEMBER 9, 11, 16 AT 9:30PM “Glitz and glamour are something to be expected of a queen. And though Daisy Buckët might not be royalty by blood, she is sure to leave you just as awestruck as seeing Kate Middleton walking down the street.” TheVitalVoice.com […]

Act ii Stages Things You Shouldn’t Say A Political Satire THE KINSEY SICKS!

Act ii Stages “Things You Shouldn’t Say” A Political Satire featuring THE KINSEY SICKS!   We are so thrilled to welcome back (for their third year), the world-acclaimed Dragapella ®️ “Beautyshop” Quartet, THE KINSEY SICKS!  (If you love Donald Trump, you’ll hate this show!) This deliciously R-rated group will present an updated, “ribald, ridiculous, raunchy romp” of current political […]

US TWO, the Smash Hit of the summer at Act II PV

US TWO, the Smash Hit of the summer at Act II Entertainment “Danny and Noemi, Us Two, opened their Summer preview run last night to a very enthusiastic crowd. It, quite literally, brought the house down, when one of the giant speakers fell, narrowly missing the percussionist. Neither he, not the singers missed a beat! […]