Doing Your Part to Keep Vallarta Clean and Green

by Tropicasa Realty To the happiness of residents, Mayor Arturo Dávalos Peña has launched a 3-step waste collection and reduction program in Puerto Vallarta, starting with the recent enactment of daily garbage pick-up. The next steps will include sanctions against those who do not adhere to waste regulations and waste separation programs, all designed to […]

Condos For Sale In Puerto Vallarta And Understanding the Fideicomiso

Condos For Sale In Puerto Vallarta and understanding the Fideicomiso. As real estate agents in Puerto Vallarta, one of the things we are frequently asked by foreigners buying property in Mexico is about the fideicomiso system. Here is a quick overview of what it is and how it works. In 1917, a constitutional law was […]

Condos For Sale In Puerto Vallarta Buying in Mexico

Condos For Sale In Puerto Vallarta Buying in Mexico. To some it feels like a different planet searching and buying properties in Puerto Vallarta, especially when compared to the U.S. and Canada. Here’s a simple primer on a few things you should know before embarking on a search for the ideal condo in Puerto Vallarta. […]