Top 13 Best Gay Ski Weeks Worldwide for LGBTQ+ Winter Fun 2017/2018

///Top 13 Best Gay Ski Weeks Worldwide for LGBTQ+ Winter Fun 2017/2018

Top 13 Best Gay Ski Weeks Worldwide for LGBTQ+ Winter Fun 2017/2018

Top 13 Best Gay Ski Weeks Worldwide for LGBTQ+ Winter Fun 2017/2018

by A Couple of Men Karl and Daan from Amsterdam

It doesn’t matter if you hibernate in Europe, North America or on the other side of the hemisphere, we know we will get you in a spring mood with our Top 13 Best Gay Ski Weeks worldwide 2017/2018! It is time for some gay-friendly fun in the Alps, Rocky Mountains, Pyrenees or on top of any other snowy mountain with LGBT winter sports fans from all over the world. You may wonder why you should go party in the snow but is there any good reason not to?! There are still a lot of small mountain villages and ski resorts where LGBT people are not fully accepted. But during a Gay Snow Event, homosexual locals and travelers get the opportunity to enjoy Ski and Snowboard fun with a great time, even off the ski pistes with a low chance of homophobic aggression and a big chance of amazing gay winter sports!

Snow & gay-friendly winter sports

There is something about Karl you should know… he LOVES snow! Karl grew up in the mountains of East Germany and went to a winter sports school all the way up in the east German uplands. He is Snowboarder by heart and currently Managing Editor for Blog & Social Media for Snowplaza, one of the biggest German Ski and Wintersports Sports Websites in Europe. His snow mountain experiences combined with our motivation to stand for an openly gay lifestyle is a perfect match for attending one or more of the Top 13 Best Gay Ski Weeks worldwide. Have a look at our list of the Top Gay Ski Events sorted by dates and maybe we will meet you on one of the slopes in the Austrian, Swiss, French, Norwegian, American, Canadian or even New Zeeland ski resorts!

Gay-friendly Ski Resorts News

And of course, we already attended a Gay Ski Week to be precise, Jasper Pride in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. In the following season, we will be in British Colombia visiting Vancouver and attend the 26th edition of Whistler Pride Ski Festival 2018. The winter season in the Alps just about to begin. And there is some great news for LGBTQ+ winter sporters: one new Gay Ski Event will premier this December in Austria. The Addiction Ski & – Boarderweekend in Kaprun. We will keep an eye on it and inform you more about the success of the event from December 7th to 10th 2017. And now, join us and see the World of gay-friendly winter sports through a couple of men’s eyes!

Top 13 Gay Ski Weeks Worldwide:

#1 Aspen Gay Ski Week | Aspen, USA

The Ski Area Aspen in the United States of America is internationally well known, even in Europe. It also can be listed as one of the most gay-friendly ski areas worldwide. The Aspen Gay Ski Week takes place already since 1977 in the historic mountain town of Aspen in Colorado. With its more than 480 km ski and snowboard runs on the four ski areas Aspen Mountain, Aspen Highlands, Buttermilk, and Snowmass, it offers a variety of skiing and snowboarding terrain. If you are a fan of cross-country skiing, snowshoe and winter hiking, the Ski area of Aspen offers all trails in the Elk Mountains of Colorado.

Dates: January 14th – 21nd 2018

Plan & Book here: Aspen Gay Ski Week

#2 Arosa Gay Ski Week | Arosa, Switzerland

The Ski Area Arosa in Switzerland is one of the most gay-friendly Ski areas in the Alps with its rainbow flag swaying all winter long. Since the year 2005, the 7-days event is offering world-class entertainment in the Swiss mountains on its 220 km slopes full of snow, skiing, and fun for more than 600 lesbian and gay winter sports fans from over 30 different countries. See you on the slope of Arosa!

Dates: January 20th – 27th 2018

Plan & Book here: Arosa Gay Ski Week >

#3 Whistler Pride & Ski Festival | Whistler Blackcomb, Canada

Canada is known to be one of the most gay-friendly countries in the world. And in 2017, the North American country is celebrating its 150th anniversary as a united nation. The Whistler Pride & Ski Festival is not that old yet but will be celebrating in 2018 it’s 26th anniversary. Since 1992 women, men and everyone in between come together at Ski Whistler Blackcomb to enjoy gay-friendly Winter sports on more than 250 km ski slopes. The loaded entertainment program and the lively ski resort Whistler will make your Pride & Ski Festival in Canada an unforgettable experience. And guess what, we will have the pleasure to attend the 26th edition in January 2018! Read more about Whistler Pride Festival with >

Dates: January 21st – 28th 2018

Plan & Book here: Whistler Pride & Ski Festival

#4 Snow Gay Weekend | Boí Taüll, Spain

Even in Spain, it can be a winter wonderland! “Rainbow Barcelona Tours” is organizing a Gay Snow Ski Weekend in the Spanish Pyrenees of Lleida at Ski Area Boí Taüll. The 47 km ski and snowboard run facing the North are offering perfect snow conditions and are the base for your Winter vacation in Spain. Sports, events, partying and the hosts Pupi Poison and La Nenuco will make sure this weekend will be an unforgettable one!

Dates: March 1st – 4th 2018

Plan & book here: Snow Gay Weekend

#5 Elevation Utah Gay Ski Week | Park City, USA

Next, to Aspen, the USA has more Ski areas to offer. For example, the Ski Area Park City – Deer Valley in Utah with its three ski areas Park City, Deer Valley, and The Canyons all together form about 250 km Ski & Snowboard runs up to an altitude of 3.050 meters. The Utah Gay Ski Week is inviting LGBT ski and snowboard fans for the 7th time in 2017 with a full program of events in a world-class ski resort. The long weekend in the mountains of Utah is about a fun time for new and old friends and the community coming together. Definitely worth a try after we have been at Zion National Park in Utah.

Dates: February 22nd – 25th 2018

Plan & book here: Utah Gay Ski Week

Elevation Utah Gay Ski Week | Top 13 Best Gay Ski Weeks Worldwide © Elevation Utah Gay Ski Week

Elevation Utah Gay Ski Week | Top 13 Best Gay Ski Weeks Worldwide © Elevation Utah Gay Ski Week

#6 Elevation Mammoth Gay Ski Week | Mammoth Mountains, USA

The Mammoth Ski Area is the origin of the Elevation Ski Week brand. Already since 15 years California’s best Ski area Mammoth Mountain is the home of the Mammoth Gay Ski Week presented by Tom Whitman. South of Yosemite National Park and North of Sierra National Forest, Mammoth Gay Ski week takes place by the Mammoth Lakes not far from the Mono Lake we visited during our 1-mount road trip southwest of the USA. Create your own event by putting together the tickets for the events of your choice.

Dates: March 14th – 18th 2018

Plan & book here: Utah Gay Ski Week & Mammoth Gay Ski Week

Elevation Mammoth | Top 13 Best Gay Ski Weeks Worldwide

Elevation Mammoth | Top 13 Best Gay Ski Weeks Worldwide

#7 SWING Gay Ski Week | Lenzerheide, Switzerland

Let’s call it the little, older sister of the Arosa Gay Ski Week. This year the SWING Gay Ski Week in Swiss Lenzerheide is celebrating its 25th anniversary. Good to know: Arosa and Lenzerheide are two ski resorts of the huge Ski Area Arosa-Lenzerheide with 225 km ski and snowboard pistes. Their slogan “Another Way of Skiing” stands for a gay-friendly personal organized ski week in a high valley with snow guaranteed and a full event agenda. Meet friends, enjoy the snow and have fun together with like-minded LGBT people from all over the world.

Dates: March 3rd – 10th 2018

Plan & book here: SWING Gay Ski Week

SWING | Top 13 Best Gay Ski Weeks Worldwide

SWING | Top 13 Best Gay Ski Weeks Worldwide

#8 Jasper Pride Festival | Jasper, Canada

“Jasper, Proud & Free” – Since 9 years annually in March Jasper is celebrating its Snow Pride Festival including a rainbow flag skiing parade at Ski area Marmot Basin with around 100 km ski and snowboard runs. Jasper is a fairytale mountain ski resort in the Canadian Rocky Mountains with a traditionally diverse and open-minded community. It is for the resident queer community, the LGBT traveler and the many LGBT couples a wonderful place to enjoy their Winter and ski vacations in between Vancouver, Edmonton, and Calgary. We loved our time in Jasper National Park for Jasper Pride Festival! Now we can show you more of the Canadian gay-friendliness and beauty of nature of the Rocky Mountains.

Dates: April 19th – 22nd 2018

Read here all about: Our Jasper Pride Festival Trip

Plan & book here: Jasper Pride Festival

Gay Pride Rainbow Parade on the Ski Hills of Marmot Basin | Highlights Jasper Pride Festival Rainbow Parade Marmot Basin © Steven Bereznai

Jasper Pride 2017 on the Ski Hills of Marmot Basin | Top 13 Best Gay Ski Weeks worldwide

#9 European Snow Pride | Espace Killy, France

The French Alps are the stage for two Gay Snow Weeks in Spring. First, we have the European Snow Pride at Espace Killy, a 300 km ski runs big ski region with the two ski areas Val d’Isere and Tignes. Espace Killy is culminating at 3.450 meters for beginners to experts. An impressive line-up of Après-Ski DJs, vocal performers and dancers are rocking the Alps in France since 2011 with an extraordinary mountain scenery.

Dates: March 17th – 24th 2018

Plan & book here: European Snow Pride

#10 European Gay Ski Week | Les Trois Vallée, France

Happy Birthday! The European Gay Ski Week celebrates in 2018 its 10th anniversary. Hundreds of other LGBT people will celebrate Europe’s No. 1 Gay Winter Sports and Music Festival, the European Gay Ski Week at Les Trois Vallée in France. The world’s largest connected ski area with the well-known ski resort Les Menuires is hosting the biggest gay-friendly Ski week in Europe for the 9th time. Our famous Dutch Drag Queen Lady Galore was there last year. Join the gay and lesbian ski and snowboard fans and celebrate an unforgettable Winter Ski Vacation in France.

Dates: March 17th – 24th 2018

Plan & book here: European Gay Ski Week

#11 Skeive Ski – Scandinavian Ski Pride | Hemsedal, Norway

Welcome in Hemsedal, the so-called “Scandinavian Alps”! Up to 45 km ski runs and a very gay-friendly Nordic vibe creating for LGBT ski and snowboard fans perfect conditions for one of the best Ski Pride Festivals in Europe. Unfortunately, the official website is only available in Norwegian at the moment. What we do know about the Scandinavian Ski Pride, is that the Norwegian LGBT community is doing since 2011 its best to provide on and off the slope an amazing rainbow colored festival that you don’t want to miss!

Dates: probably March 29th – April 1st 2018

Plan & Book here: Scandinavian Ski Pride

Skeive ski - Scandinavian Ski Pride | Top 13 Best Gay Ski Weeks Worldwide © Skeive ski

Skeive ski – Scandinavian Ski Pride | Top 13 Best Gay Ski Weeks Worldwide © Skeive ski

#12 Gay Snow Happening | Sölden, Austria

The number one Ski Nation in Europe, Austria is hosting the Sölden Gay Snow Happening in one of the most famous Ski areas at Ötztaler Alpen. Since 1998 almost annually the Austrian LGBT community is celebrating on 145 km ski slopes the variety of LGBT life. The Ski area Sölden is offering snow guarantee and a lively Après-Ski activity up to an altitude of 3.340 meters. Soon more details here on our blog about the Ski Week in Austria.

Dates: March 17th – 24th 2018

Plan & book here: Gay Snow Happening


Sölden Gay Snow Happening | Top 13 Best Gay Ski Weeks Worldwide

Sölden Gay Snow Happening | Top 13 Best Gay Ski Weeks Worldwide

#13 Gay Ski Week QT | Queenstown, New Zeeland

While in Europe the Summer time is ending, in New Zeeland spring is about to start! This is the best time for Wintersport since warmer weather conditions are making the snow soft and the LGBT Winter sports fans from (almost) down under are getting spring fever. A perfect time for the largest gay & lesbian Winter Pride in the Southern hemisphere at Cardrona Alpine Resort just 35 minutes from downtown Queenstown, New Zeeland. Thus, when you are discovering the home of the hobbits around the end of August, don’t forget to bring your Winter clothes and join the LGBT community of New Zeeland for a fun week in the snow.

Dates: September 1st – 8th 2018

Plan & book here: Gay Ski Week QT

Gay Ski Week Queenstown New Zealand | Top 13 Best Gay Ski Weeks Worldwide

Gay Ski Week Queenstown New Zealand | Top 13 Best Gay Ski Weeks Worldwide

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