Fran’s Scene: Nov 8, 2018

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Francine's column gaypv satire

by Francine Peters

Well here we are!  My first ever column entry. A real deal! Wow. Thank you GAYPV for this fun opportunity. I loved the idea and we laughed. But holy crap.  This is so exciting and yet terrifying for me. 

Disclaimer: So, I am not a journalist with the storied education of writing in such a style. I will break all the rules of writing I assure you. Do I care? Not a bit. I have broken rules my whole life. They are just mere guidelines to me. Grammar Nazis ….just breathe…I use the dot dot dot a lot. I can spell well, but my prose is more conversational than literary correctness. Just a warning. 

I am not really sure where to start this venture or how. Bear with me please as I will get the hang of it. Find my groove so to speak. Much like being a visual artist…it takes a while to find “it”. This is a huge honor for me to be asked to participate in this thing. I will do my best to enliven and entertain you…the readers. Hell, just my personal foibles and adventures could keep you in stitches.

I do wonder sometimes how I actually make it through life. I arrived 7 years ago here in Puerto Vallarta, knowing no one and a crossdresser determined to be me… finally. My art painting career has been rejuvenated with the support of so many. My life is pinch-me perfect. I feel like Mary Tyler Moore tossing her beret into the air, except that was Minneapolis in the 1970s and my first art showing was in Manhattan in 2000. Hmmm. Perhaps a tale to tell down the road. 

I have been given basically free rein to write what I wish and as much as I wish. Wow. I promise though…no names will be mentioned….or where I saw your car parked…wink!  Only for special occasion events may I mention a business. I am not doing this to advertise anyone. We all by now have and know our favorite haunts. And people. I will not delve into politics or religions. I want to somehow just relate the wacky fun amazing life Vallarta offers us all. 

Ok…actually, this all about me!  Just me! Got it? LOL Haha. I am told to write about what I know. Well,  I know me. I know I am goofy, outspoken, rebellious and a real deal. I am sure you will never meet a trans woman like me. I am not frilly or fancy pants. I am just a person of this world called Francine. That’s it. 

I am humble…though very proud. I am strong…yet vulnerable. I am creative and have to live in my brain. Boy oh boy….there ya go. I give to others to my own detriment. My deal. I sleep at night…ok…not really…I try. 

I just wanted now to introduce myself. More will come soon.  This town of Vallarta and the whole Bay of Banderas and neighboring regions are magic to me. There is so much love and life here…how can I be stuck for a topic to write about? 



Francine Peters moved to Vallarta, Mexico in 2012 from Vancouver, Canada. She become herself after crossing the border at Nogales and has never looked back. A very well known artist since the early nineties back then known as Fred…Francine has re invented herself and her art. She says “You only live once…do what makes you happy!” Vallarta and Mexico is where the rest of her life will be spent and enjoyed. Her beautiful art is on display at Act 2 Entertainment and contact her via facebook.



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