Fran’s Scene: Nov 12 2018

francine peters

Let’s turn the lights out for this one please? 

I work a niche market sexually speaking. Oft, I hear…oh…and can we turn the lights out? Huh? Really! This is adult talk now. Yes, I am diving right in. 

Ahhh ok I get it. I am now used to this circumstance. It really is weird…but  if I need to get laid bad….( oh come on now…we all go there…stop it! ) We all have needs. Myself actually less needed than most now I am sure.  Far less frequent. I love sex, but it is just not as important in my world much anymore.  Sigh.  hehe. I still have the glorious boy bits down there.  I am a hybrid of sorts. Your hot mama…with junk. Hard to hide in a skimpy bikini on the beach…I don’t care! In the words of Popeye…”I ams what I ams. “

Do not get me wrong as I am not complaining. I am just aware. I actually now cannot be bothered much with the drama that usually ensues with an encounter of such sorts. I have been single for so long now…I do not like to share my stuff anymore. LOL. No, you cannot move in. No, I will not look after you. No, I will not cook you breakfast. As I heard someone say once…I am not your nurse…or your purse. But, yes…that was fun sex! 

Sex for me is just pure fun. True, I do not see much action, but when I do….fun!!!!  I can be the best and most enthusiastic you have ever encountered. But you need to be strong and open minded when with me I guess. Close your eyes if you need…but Disney has nothing on me re a wild fun ride. So open the mind with me should you venture forth. Sadly, I have killed gorgeous woodies when dropping my panties….such a shame. Fear? Gosh I do not know. Again…lights off honey? Or should I call an Uber? 

I am not a slut…yes, I do dress slutty and oft act slutty. Hey…I am new at this kinda Francine life. I like how I look for my age. 62.  I act and dress like a teenager. I flash my tits every where.  My fun.  Besides I find it too hot down here to wear classy suits and full dresses etc. I wear as little as possible for a reason. 

 I do not bring anyone home. Ok…there have been certain circumstances I admit.  But rare. Thus I can be a horny bitch sometimes. People I know and meet can tell…but I think I scare them all. They love Franny…but only maybe…maybe will go there if the lights are out or no one else knows.  Fine by me actually…just let us have fun. I may even chip in for the future couch time therapy. I get it. Mostly though…it is me that decides to go home alone particularly if really late and drunk. 

I am not looking to get married. I sometimes, like anyone else would like to enjoy the carnal pleasures. A quickie works for me. Bathhouses would be fun. I am of course not allowed in. Even though in the end you would get the same treatment from me…with me.  My boobs scare off a big sector I suppose. Not a true blue boy anymore. Strip bars too…no way girl. But then too…I do not care really except it would be nice when out with friends to see the show. Ya know? On a rare Occassion? And  not have to wait outside or meet later or just go home. 

Gays do not desire me…I understand that…they want a man…of course! Most of my friends are under the LGBTQ….umbrella. Each with their own desires and preferences in this respect. They are my family here and I love them all! Straight guys are curious…but again afraid to test the waters. I hear…but I am not gay. Nor am I really. I am more bi or pansexual than anything. I don’t push it…or tell. Niche market. 

I love my lot in life. I chose it and live with it gladly. It is just sometimes confusing. …weird and funny too. Nothing in my life anymore is “normal” . I kinda appreciate and love that. I have lived the normal. I do now prefer the new life I live here in Mexico. I guess that saying rings true…”walk a mile in my fabulous shoes honey! “ 

 Lights out or not. 

Besos y Abrazos! 





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