Naturist Opportunities In Puerto Vallarta: The Pool Club At Casa Cupula

Naturist Opportunities In Puerto Vallarta: The Pool Club At Casa Cupula. GAYPV is featuring naturist opportunities found in Puerto Vallarta. We asked Don Pickens, founder of Casa Cupula to talk about the creation of The Pool Club At Casa Cupula, the first clothing optional pool party in Puerto Vallarta.

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When I founded Casa Cupula in 2002, the world for us gay-folk was quite different.  Just think, back then gay marriage was a far fetched concept, Donald Trump was merely a failed casino operator, and our social media consisted of email chains. Grinder was something you asked for at lunch to grind your pepper. But some things never change, and that’s why we opened the Pool Club at Casa Cupula.

When I came out way back in the 80s, one of the first things I did was to buy a copy of “Blueboy” magazine – purely for the articles of course.  On the cover was the “RRR”, the famous Russian River Resort.  Imagining a place where gay men could have a naked pool party among the lush forest foliage and actually be free and open was like my own little Disney fantasy, far removed from the city streets of Philadelphia.

Back in the days of the Paco’s Hot Springs tours in the 90s when you could take a bus past Ixtapa and frolic for the evening in the pools, naked.  Scared me half to death but of course I loved it!  After that ended, so did non-bathhouse opportunities in PV. Believe it or not, being naked and avoiding unsightly tan lines isn’t always sexual!  

While the concept of a swimsuit-optional Pool Club open to the public isn’t new, it was to Vallarta three years ago.  Our goal was to provide a welcoming space for the community to bare it all in a friendly hotel environment with great food and drinks, not a bathhouse.  Too often I’d heard of people who were in less-than-model-quality-shape who didn’t feel comfortable at the newest S&M beach clubs (Stand & Model) in Vallarta. At Casa Cupula our mission has always been to welcome all guests as our friends, no matter who you are or where you come from.

I had visited several Palm Springs gay resorts whose trademark was always the naked pool clubs.  Sexual temperature was more important than your actual temperature in these pre-COVID days!  Many of our hotel guests asked about why we didn’t offer this, so off we dove into the “swimsuit optional” business, while maintaining the luxury standard Casa Cupula is known for.

Open every day 12-7, most days the Pool Club has a relaxed vibe, attended by our sexy bartender Sinai and adorable and friendly waiter Josue (photos). Come join Lars our Mexican Swedish manager who grew up in PV, and Felix our event manager who is a real Vallartense. And meet our canine hosts Camila and Canelo (the Pool Club is dog friendly). You’ll soon feel part of the family. 

We offer high quality food and drinks at reasonable prices without an exorbitant cover charge. But it’s Saturdays and special events that the temperature goes up and the club is wall to wall guys.  Tall guys, short guys, heavy set and skinny guys.  Older, younger, hairy, smooth, all colors and races and types. Not just Mexicans and US gays but people from all over the world. Singles, couples, truples: truly everyone is welcome.  

We are proud to support the Naturist community. A good explanation for novices is here in this blog with one of the founders of PV’s gay naturist group on Facebook.  We also partner with the fabulous Jet de la Isla to cross promote his naked boat tours. And it’s clear that while naked can equal sexy, sometimes it’s really about acceptance and freedom.  Isn’t that what we want in our LGBTQ community?

The fabulously famous Jason Dottley hosts our Naked Pool Parties Saturday, which have become relatively famous in their own right, from 3-7 pm.  Pairing up with friends who organize the Bearadise events in PV, we offer special parties for the Bear community during special weekends like Pride, New Year’s and Thanksgiving. We are supporting SETAC, Puerto Vallarta’s LGBTQ Wellness Center by donating 10% of our event profits to them to help maintain the health of our community.

pool club casa cupula

Swimsuit optional means just that.  So whether you’re going to bare it all, or just grin with your suit on, you’re welcome at the Pool Club.  Experience the freedom and support our community at the same time!

By Don Pickens, Founder, Casa Cupula LGBT Boutique Hotel.



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