Puerto Vallarta Airport May Have Covid-19 Tests For Buen Fin

Puerto Vallarta Airport May Have Buen Fin Rapid Random Covid-19 Tests

Puerto Vallarta Airport May Have Covid-19 Tests For Buen Fin. The Government of Jalisco including Puerto Vallarta announced that it will begin random rapid tests for the Covid-19 coronavirus this weekend for Buen Fin that begins on November 14, 2020. Bárbara Casillas, general strategic coordinator of Social Development of Jalisco, indicated that the rapid random tests will be applied only at specific points, such as squares, Puerto Vallarta and Guadalajara airports and bus terminals with a large influx of travelers. In total, 2,300 of these blood tests are intended to be applied.  The tests will be applied in Plaza Forum Tlaquepaque, Galerías Zapopan, downtown Zapotlanejo, South Point of Tlajomulco and Chapultepec. There will be the doctors at the spaces who determine when to perform the test, based on whether anyone presents symptoms. The tests may not be requested voluntarily. 

This measure could be extended beyond Buen Fin if it is successful, said Casillas, but that will be determined on Monday, November 15, 2020 when new measures are announced in Jalisco.  With the deactivation of this partial emergency stop button, commercial activity will resume as it did before in Jalisco including Puerto Vallarta. Department stores may open until 11:00pm and restaurants may operate until 11:59 p.m., with a maximum of 6 people at the tables, 50 percent capacity and other types of restrictions. The good news is that hospitalizations and the rate of covid-19 infections had dropped in Jalisco. 



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