Puerto Vallarta Gay Bars And Beach COVID-19 Update November 16 2020

Puerto Vallarta Gay Bars And Beach COVID-19 Update November 16 2020. Jalisco’s Governor Alfaro announced November 16, 2020 that Jalisco (which includes Puerto Vallarta) has no new closing rules regarding Puerto Vallarta bars, clubs or beaches. The rules for bars and clubs are in review so therefore Puerto Vallarta bars and clubs are open until 2 am and beaches open as normal until further notice. 
Here is the additional information presented by the governor:
1.All businesses should control the number of people in its space, many with 50% capacity and 1 person every 4 mtrs squared inside and 2 mtrs squared outside.
2. Continue with sanitary measures: facemasks obligatory and hand gel hygiene. Those which don’t comply will be sanctioned.
3. The City will be providing more close and frequent inspections of businesses, they will close businesses not in compliance with these guidelines.
4. Continue random COVID-19 testing at airports and commercial plazas. 
5.Officials highly recommend outdoor activites. 
6. Avoid concentration of adults especially inside closed spaces
7. Maintain the cancellation of large “high concentrated” events like concerts and parties. Althought no specific guidelines were given to define occupancy and what defines a large event. 
8.Strict rules of access in outdoor markets included use of facemasks, etc
Officials will monitor several criteria including hospitalization and ICU rate, % positive tests and the trend for active cases to decide on new measures of control. This statement is after the partial emergency button was lifted Friday November 13, 2020. For the next six months, officials will look at new habits for meeting and working and insist on responsibility for protections and identify major risk factors and methods for opening schools.



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