Puerto Vallarta Gay Pride Week 2020

pv virtual gay pride 2020

Puerto Vallarta Gay Pride week 2020 is a virtual weekend of LIVE shows has already morphed into a week long group collaboration to share what we all love about Puerto Vallarta and gay pride month. The dates are June 8-14, 2020

This group‘s intention is to organize a community event by members of the LGBTQ community and their friends. We are inclusive to all and welcome everyone. The event is June 8-14 and this group will host LIVE feed videos featuring local businesses near and dear to us all.

There are so many wonderful organizations within Puerto Vallarta that are also hosting events and I would love to share them here. We are not in affiliation with any organized charity, business or association. This is a community. If you’re hosting a pride month event of any kind, list it here! Vallarta Pride has some BIG events planned, make sure you like their page to find out more. Local businesses that can keep you informed all year round with what is happening in Vallarta will be listed in comments….add to the growing list!

If you are a business, performer or group that would like to showcase with a LIVE feed from this group platform, message us here or email mandymcpherson[email protected] Here is the group page.

The high level of acceptance of the LGBT community has made Puerto Vallarta recognized worldwide as a top gay travel destination, hosting national and international gay visitors and creating a sophisticated culture that is an important artistic, professional, altruistic and economic contributor to the community. This cultural heritage was adopted by the Vallarta Pride Organizing Committee in the first gay pride in 2013, which works in conjunction with public and private partnerships and to make our city a player on the world stage of LGBT celebrations.

Vallarta Pride works towards a future without discrimination where we all have equal rights under fair and equal law. We believe we can achieve this through the LGBT events that inspire, commemorate and celebrate our community.



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