Benjamin Gomez Lucas Entertainment

benjamin gomez lucas entertainment benjamin gomez lucas entertainment

We are interviewing Benjamin Gomez Lucas Entertainment. Hi Benjamin thank you for talking to GAYPV. We want to talk about you and your career as one of the hottest, newest porn stars at Lucas Entertainment.  Also stay tuned for more information about you being in the JUSTFOR.FANS New Year’s Eve 2020 parties in Puerto Vallarta at Pinata PV Gay Hotel.

Where are you from originally? Mexico City.

Tell us is the porn industry and being a porn star what you imagined it would be? What is different that you expected, what is better and what is worse about it? I’m enjoying it and having fun just I wasn’t expecting to be treated differently.  Sometimes I feel that I am looked down upon or excluded from some things for being younger and as a Mexican. I don’t have the same opportunities but I hope to help to change that situation.  I am having fun that’s for sure.  

What advice would you give to anyone considering gay porn as a professional career?Have confidence in yourself and expressing your sexuality. Keep fighting and working for your career. 

Having a relationship is very difficult in the porn industry. Would you like to have one? Yes, having a relationship is complicated but not impossible. Sure it would be good to be in a relationship.

Describe your ideal partner and relationship. Confident, humble, respectful, funny and smart.

We have seen the unfortunate deaths of many famous porn stars. How do you cope with the pressure of the fame in the gay porn industry? Fame is a consequence of success that people give you. You can use that power to destroy yourself or use it to create something good. The people around you are a big door to find options either good or bad. So the choice is yours to make it good. 

Tell us your hottest scene you have done so far? My scene with Arad Winwin and Edji DaSilva in“Double team”

Who is the hottest guy you been with? Edji DaSilva

What scenes do you enjoy doing the most? Threesomes. It’s better than just one on one.

Who do you have a fantasy of being with next? Be blindfolded and playing with many guys at once.

Where would you like to be in 10 years, doing what as a career? I’m studying Public Relations at the university now so something along this line.

Do you find that your personal sex life changes after becoming a porn star. Of course everyone hits on you. But I mean you personally, does your likes/dislikes or anything change after you are a porn star? Yes is very different, people can think that is easier to have some fun but on my case it’s more complicated. 

We don’t see many famous Mexican gay porn stars. Why is that? Will that change? I personally think that discrimination and racism inside the industry is the first cause. There is not any support or places to make it possible. Also sexual education and culture around the Mexican and Latin guys is also a factor.  It would be nice to have more support and respect for our culture to express our sexuality. 

Tell us about how you film your JUSTFOR.FANS account…do you have any problem with finding guys to film? It can be a bit complicated to do that but I personally don’t use the platform for now, soon very soon!

What are your favorite parties? I love Arena festival, Jubileo, GayPride parties and New Year’s Eve parties. 

What do you want people to know about you that you dont think they do? I’m a open book.  I work hard for the things that I want. 



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