Hedda Lettuce talks returning to Act 2 for 2018/2019

hedda lettuce act 2

Danny: Hi Hedda, it’s great having you back in Puerto Vallarta.  Isn’t this your fourth season? Hedda Lettuce: Yes. They say two is company, three’s a crowd and four’s an orgy. Danny: You’ve been in many TV shows and movies, and you also travel the world with your live act.  Which do you prefer? Hedda: […]

Hedda Lettuce 2018 Act 2 Entertainment

hedda lettuce act 2 2018

“Gives Great Hedda,” starring the one-and-only HEDDA LETTUCE storytelling, ribald stand-up comedy, and live singing. 2018Thursdays & Fridays – 9:30 pm Tuesdays – 5:00 pm The theatre is perfect for a night out and is on Basilio Badillo which is easy walking distance from most of Puerto Vallarta. Hedda Lettuce was fun and involved some […]