Pinata PV Gay Hotel after the Corona Virus

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As Puerto Vallarta businesses begin to reopen we have spoken with the most popular gay hotel owners to see how the corona virus might have affected their businesses. Here is what you can expect to see at Pinata PV Gay Hotel after the Corona Virus.

Pre Coronavirus, Piñata Gay Hotel has been applauded & commended for being extra clean. Their commitment is to meet and exceed health standards to minimize environmental related risk-factors for guests, visitors, and staff to be a responsible small business. During this period of closures, they invested and purchased a HEPA Air Purifier System and antibacterial filters to be installed into new air conditioners to improve air flow & air cleansing of each room and common space.

Beyond the obvious hand gels and disinfectants available in the Art Loft, clothing optional pool & sun terrace, and gym, they will now provide single use towels, sanitizers, and soap for extra cleansing and personal use.

Shared Air. Prior to the pandemic, Pinata Hotel has always been smoke free. Now, coronavirus has brought into sharp focus the health impact of breathing shared air in public space. An important reminder is they are a smoke free hotel and there is no common space or tolerance for smoking, vaping, or second hand smoke anywhere on their property. Smoke free air protects the health and safety of everyone and at Piñata you will not be breathing in respiratory droplets from someone smoking or vaping.

Pinata PV always seeks continuous improvement and realize constant change will occur during this pandemic. It is their commitment to their guests to being focused on hospitality & people over profit.  They dedicate themselves to proactively seeking new and better ways to host guests and visitors to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. They look forward to reopening and hosting Saturday Socials & clothing optional parties-events. Piñata Hotel is adhering to the strict government health standards of re-activation for “legitimate” Hotels. Piñata is a responsible and licensed tax paying hotel, bar, and restaurant. They agree to comply with the new rules and comply with the high standards as it is a special responsibility we share as a business in Puerto Vallarta. Events, pools, and Saturday social parties will resume when permitted.

Please see their updates about availability, parties & events, and community on Piñata PV Hotel instagram, facebook, and our website at



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