Puerto Vallarta Gay Clubs

puerto vallarta gay clubs

Puerto Vallarta has become one of the world’s most recognized gay travel destinations. Gay PV Magazine has had the pleasure of seeing the Puerto Vallarta LGBT scene grow to become one of world’s most famous gay travel hotspots in the world. What has made the gay life of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico so popular many international LGBT travelers visit for the first time, repeat and then even live here?  Much can be said about the incredible, endless gay night scene in Puerto Vallarta. Puerto Vallarta has the most well developed nightlife and some of Mexico’s most popular gay bars and clubs! The first gay club opened more than 25 years ago and today more than 25 gay bars and clubs are thriving. Remember the clubs in Puerto Vallarta open at 10 pm and close around 6 am each unique and all are located in the gayborhood! Here is the GAYPV Guide to Puerto Vallarta gay clubs.

puerto vallarta gay clubs

Paco’s Ranch Ignacio L Vallarta #237. Paco’s Ranch is Puerto Vallarta’s oldest dance club in operation for 25 years. The original location is where the current C-O-D-E club is and they have been in the current location since 2010. This is the gay dance club catering primarily to the local gay national crowd with a Mexican cowboy type theme. Paco’s features nightly drag shows a 12:30 (in English) and 3 am in Spanish. Door open at 10 am getting busy around midnight and closing at 6am. Features Nightly Drag shows, mostly National clientele.

           puerto vallarta gay clubs

CC Slaughter’s Dance Club Lazaro Cardenas 254.  CC Slaughter’s opened in Puerto Vallarta September 2011 as Club Manana was winding down. CC’s has the traditional dance floor inside the club (pictured above right) and an pop dance side on Lazaro Cardenas  (pictured above left) with a separate DJ. CC’s features go go dancers on the weekends usually from midnight until 3 am. 

With an excellent response from local clients and tourists, the CC Slaughters PV dance floor has become one of the best places to spend an incredible night! Their incredible DJs have become known throughout the gay community, for always bringing the best party with the best remixes to dance.  CC Slaughters PV is the best place to find what you are looking for any day 7 days a week! Their commitment to customer service and the best drink prices in the city, being one of the only clubs that does not charge cover *. Our priority is you, if it were not for you, we would not be here. You will always find something at CC Slaughters PV, from daily promotions, to special events, top DJs, guests, shows, surprises and much more! 

puerto vallarta gay clubs

Industry Night Club PV Lázaro Cárdenas 258. The newest gay club in Puerto Vallarta so if you are looking for shirtless guys on huge party weekends, this is the club to visit. This is definately a world class night club, with amazing circuit laser lights, huge LED screen behind the DJ booth, huge gogo booths, and 2nd floor catwalk overlooking the dance floor. Often they have nude sexy shows from select strippers from Wet Dreams at 11 pm. Features circuit party dance club atmosphere, go go boys.


CODE Puerto Vallarta Ignacio L Vallarta #278. A self proclaimed gay club located in the old original Paco Paco location. This is a circus show type club similar to the straight clubs located on the Malecon without a central dance floor consistly mostly of VIP tables and VIP areas. The lights, sound and shows are spectacular. Features Spectacular sound/lighting and shows.


Club Manana gay dance club Puerto Vallarta open from approximately c.2005-2013. Club Manana is without a doubt previously the most popular gay dance club in Puerto Vallarta Mexico. Club owner Peter Deep opened this iconic club putting Puerto Vallarta into the international gay circuit scene. The club brought such names as Jimmy James “Fashionista”, Kinsey Sicks for the first time, and man international DJ’s and circuit parties for the first time.

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