Why Visit Puerto Vallarta During The Summer?

Why Visit Puerto Vallarta During The Summer?
Gay Travel is rebounding after the Covid-19 Pandemic in 2021. What gay cities should I consider for summer travel for a vacation getaway? ChicagoPride.com lists Puerto Vallarta as the number 1 choice among other cities like New York, Key West, Tel Aviv and Ft Lauderdale. Here is how they describe Vallarta as the top gay destination. Arguably the biggest and most welcoming LGBTQ destinations in the world. PV, as it is often known, has a long history of being a safe haven for same-sex couples and LGBTQ travelers. Be sure to visit the “Romantic Zone,” the de-facto gayborhood.  There are plenty of gay clubs, bars, cabaret theaters and restaurants and gay owned clothing shops. Wait! I thought summer was the worst time to visit?  Here are the top reasons to visit Puerto Vallarta in the summer.

First, is Puerto Vallarta open? Since February 2021 all gay bars, clubs and strip clubs are open until 2-3am and the beach is open with no limitations.  As of June 20, 2021 the Jalisco State Board of Health allows Puerto Vallarta hotels to have 80% occupancy.

Doesn’t it rain all/every day in the summer?  No. Extended weather forecasts during the summer months in PV can be misleading. Yes, the “rainy season” is from early June until mid/end of October. However it rarely rains all day every day. Many weather forecasts show daily rain leading many tourists to avoid traveling. There is a chance of rain everyday, but usually rain occurs every few days with other days being totally clear and sunny allowing you to enjoy the beach and activities as normal. Yes it gets humid mainly from 2 to 5pm, but no more than other major southern cities. Also during the rainy season, rains come at night leaving the next day totally sunny until it rains again. The weather is not a reason to avoid visiting PV, especially if you can not come in other months.

Aren’t most businesses closed in the summer? No, almost all the gay businesses In Puerto Vallarta are in full swing during the summer.  All the gay bars and clubs, the beach and almost all the restaurants are open. The cabaret venues, some art galleries and a few businesses are closed but you will find plenty open and surprisingly busy especially on Thursday to Saturday.

Are there any events during the summer? If you haven’t visited lately, you will see big changes at what there is to do all year long. New weekly events like Savage Saturday pool party at Amaria Villas or Sunday Brunch at the new Hamburger Mary’s Puerto Vallarta are now year round. Hotel Mercurio’s Sunday Beers, Boys and Burgers, Jet’s Boat Tours, Casa Cupula’s Saturday Naked Pool Party the zip lines and Vallarta’s Adventures are also in operation so gone are the days when PV was closed in the summer. One of the major new weekly events all year is the Mantamar Beach Club pool parties featuring national and international DJ’s spinning Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 12 noon until? La Noche go go boys are dancing seven nights a week all summer. Into circuit parties? Jubileo plans a summer Sunland festival July 14-19, 2021 with international DJ’s and a huge open air beach festival that rivals Mykonos or Barcelona.

Traditionally, the expats leave during the summer so it is the perfect time to enjoy the city less crowded. Some hotels rates are lower so if you are on a budget you might find some deals on accommodations. So you can see if you need a gay vacation or a quick weekend getaway the summer is a great time to visit Puerto Vallarta!



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