Adios “Septi-Hambre”: Low Season May Be a Thing of the Past  by Ron Morgan

“Septi-hambre” as many know, is a cute play on words which local business owners use to describe the economic hunger (hambre in Spanish) during the final month of low season, Septiembre.

Historically the summer/early fall season was a time when savings would dry up and vendors looked forward to the influx of tourist dollars.

But according to some, Septi-hambre may be thing of the past. Hugo Camarillo of, reported on the September economy in a recent article and wrote:

“Alejandro Torres, general manager of the Puerto Vallarta Hotel Association, interviewed an 85-90% occupancy during the long weekend, and also commented that “progress continues” in this month of September , So the so-called “septi-hungry” has been left behind.”

Teresita Marmolejo, president of the National Chamber of Commerce of Puerto Vallarta suggested that “Septi-hambre remains in the past” and the Chamber would continue working so that it will not happen anymore.

Even more, a source close to Vallarta Tourism hinted that local businesses and marketers were urged to banish the expression low season all together as it does not accurately reflect the new 12-month economy.

Cruise Ship Traffic, Events, Condo Development and Surging Expat Communities

A quick glance at upcoming events for June onward suggests there is no slow down. Year over year, promoters, organizers and operators are filling the calendar with events such as Motofiesta Guayabitos 2017 and  RHA Electronic Music Fest. Additionally, the local economy will be supported through 20 cruise ship arrival from June to September.

And not to be overlooked, the growing expat community, and construction and development projects also contribute to year-round prosperity for the area.



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