Puerto Vallarta Art Galleries Galeria Contempo Show Artist XOLOTL POLO

Puerto Vallarta Art Galleries Galeria Contempo Show Artist XOLOTL POLO. Human anatomy is a complex subject and the extraordinary construction of the human body is celebrated prominently in art throughout history and today. Knowledge of the human body can be an invaluable tool for artists, as long as anatomy drawings are approached in the right way.  Xolotl Polo is a master at it.

Xolotl’s artistic interest constantly revolves around the human figure. Its curves, dips, creases, myriads of distinct and subtle shapes, as well as its capacity to take so many forms under different lighting or in different perspectives make it a most complete treasury of artistic challenges and inspiration to him. Even when drawing mindless doodles, his hand inevitably fills the page with human shapes, echoes of hundreds lingering memories of all the faces and figures it has drawn so far.

Born in Mexico .  From a young age on, Xolotl took art classes, but it was thanks to his discipline that he became an artist, finding his won unique technique. He works in arcylic on canvas, using bright colored backgrounds to showcase  the impressive human forms he draws on them.

The time Xolotl spends on his work is indicative of his philosophy. “Art should be something people strive for, work hard at and dedicate their lives to,” says Xolotl Polo, “not something you randomly knock out in half an hour with no thought at all. Create to the best of your ability, and let history take care of the rest.” Artist’s who take pride and time with their art, who put in years of study and personal passion, are unusual in today’s world of “marketable” art. Unlike other artist’s who’s works have no warmth, nothing personal, the paintings of Xolotl Polo, shall we say, seem to have a soul.

​To read more about this talented artist, please visit: WWW.GALERIACONTEMPO.COM



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