Discover Museo 4-D by Abdallahy Antonio Velazquez

MUSEO 4D Puerto Vallarta is a new interactive museum focused on artivism created by artist Abdallahy Antonio Velazquez located in the Romantic Zone of Puerto Vallarta. He has created a truly magical place where you will encounter a world filled with colors, energy, and mysticism. Your ticket gives you a 60 min guided tour with 4D glasses where you experience a magical journey across 150 meters of caves and minerals into the 4th Dimension. We were curious about this new 4-D museum so we interviewed Abdallahy to find out more.

Abdallahy, tell us about your background as an artist.

I am an artist and an activist defender of human rights who was born in Mexico, but was honored with the gift of Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic nationality by President Mohamed Abdelaziz. Therefore, art has always been a way for me to visualize social topics, no matter where I am. I feel very thankful and proud to have had the chance to exhibit my art in the country I am originally from, but also in important places abroad, like The United States and Cuba. Topics like endangered bird species, Sahrawi people and ancestral cultures have inspired me to keep on creating art, specially 4D art.

Tell us what is the concept of 4D Museum.
This is a mystic and immersive space where art becomes a tool to even live an introspective personal process. We have created a real organic ambience to give our visitors the chance to live art and connect with the power of the crystals around. Some people even think this is a holistic temple, but I invite everyone to come and live your
own experience.

4-D is a museum, not a gallery, correct?
Correct. This is a place where you connect with art living an immersive art experience. Besides that, we are always ready to welcome you with our professional guides who will help you understand what 4D art is, and the story behind every painting.

What inspired you to create this?
I would say that Puerto Vallarta itself inspired me a lot. After living in Western Sahara and witnessing the situation they are living, it was very difficult for me to focus on art. Not until I came back to Mexico and decided to live in Puerto Vallarta, I felt in peace and ready to paint again. I want to show visitors in Puerto Vallarta that we have way more to offer besides beach and nightclubs. We have great artists, and also, such and interesting culture.
My paintings talk about Mexico, our ancestors, our people, our environment. My art is my way to contribute to my country, the town I chose to live in, and our society.

Tell us why PV is unique for you and this concept? 
If you have the chance to live in a place where the ocean and the sea surround you, then I would say, “unique” is the best way to describe that place. But also, knowing the story of Puerto Vallarta, what this town has given and meant to so many people, having the chance to interact with people from so many different countries cultures, and to learn from them, day by day, are also important things that make from this place a unique one.


What message are you trying to give to visitors who visit Museo 4-D?
4D Museum wants people to connect with themselves, and to know what art can offer us in every way. When you give yourself sometime to breathe, relax and connect, it is your own mind and soul the ones that give you the message. We are only the mean to get to it.

What do you want every person to know and experience after visiting?
We want people to understand 4D art as a tool to transport yourself to other dimensions, not only referring to art, but also to their own souls. We really hope this experience gives you the chance to explore art in a very unique way.

Museo-4D is open everyday 2-8pm and located at Venustiano Carranza 218



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