Queerassic World Shirts

Article written by Spencer Nutting whom is pictured bellow.


Back in 1993, it started with a park…Jurassic Park spawned Queerassic Park. At the time, I was riding high as the merchandise producer for the historic March on Washington. Then, before the internet existed, I promoted the idea via direct mail. “Buy the movie merchandise for the film you’ll never see!” I had produced the image on Ball caps, T-shirts, and cocktail cups that featured pink T-Rexes, Lavender Pterodactyls, and more! I even send a sample shirt and cap to Steven Spielberg himself, who in turn sent me a photo of himself wearing the cap and shirt, pointing to his laughing mouth! Parody is excerpt from copyright law.

So as the film franchise expanded, my thirst line expanded. Queerassic Park grew into Queerassic World. With each new Jurassic film, there was a Queerassic shirt out there parodying it! When Jurassic World “Fallen Kingdom” was established, Queerassic World Fallen Queendom shirts came out. Same with Jurassic World Dominion came out, Queerassic Domination Reared its head.



Then I began to think of the franchise like I thought of the Hard Rock Cafe franchise. I thought of Queerassic World locations like Hard Rock Cafe locations. On a very limited basis, I self promoted by wearing my own shirts. When I traveled, I’d wear a shirt like it came from a rock concert that never existed.

I came out of the Queerassic World Tour concept. So it looked like it came from the concert in Vancouver. Now here in Puerto Vallarta!

My vision is to provide the licensing of a hot gay club that folks visit to “Come for the shirt. Stay for a drink!” So the opportunity exists. I look forward to the day when there’s a San Francisco Queerassic World. London. Paris. Even Sarasota Floriduh! But my first choice is Queerassic World Puerto Vallarta! Let the spawn begin! Check the website or for more information email  inquiries@queerassicworld.com




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