Option #3

Do these drills in waist-deep water for 20-30 yards each. Repeat when finished.

1. High knee run (2-3 sets)
2. Butt kicks (2-3 sets)
3. Squat jumps (10-20 reps)
4. Backwards run (2-3 sets)
5. Lateral shuffle (2-3 sets)

Jim Krumpos is the strength and conditioning coach for the University of Miami basketball team. A 2003 graduate of Arizona, Krumpos studied physiology, physical education, and psychology, and earned a master’s degree from UNC Charlotte in 2006. His current certifications include: P.I.C.P. strength and conditioning specialist level two, certified strength and conditioning specialist, USAW club coach, N.A.S.M performance enhancement specialist, N.A.S.M corrective exercise specialist, and N.A.S.E specialist in speed and explosion.