Sebastian Coronel Boys On Fire New International Show

Sebastian Coronel and his group Boys On Fire present their new “International” show at The Palm Cabaret this season. We wanted to meet Sebastian and find out his story and how Boys On Fire originated.

Sebastian, tell us about yourself and how you started dancing. I am 34 years old and have always loved to act, dance and play sports! I have a university degree in Physical Education and am a personal trainer. However, I enjoy being on stage the most! I have lived in Puerto Vallarta for 4 years. When I first arrived to PV, I started dancing in hotels then in clubs soon thereafter Covid-19 hit.

Tell us how Boys On Fire group was created. The idea came during the pandemic! There was a lot of time to create and think about what to do while things were shut down! When things opened after the pandemic, I started the first Boys on Fire presentations in bars! We had great response from the people but we were not satisfied with just bars so last year we had the opportunity to perform at the Palm Cabaret! Mark, Adriána and Gustavos opened the door for us and gave us regular show dates at the end of the season!  Performing in theater offers a magic that I would not change for anything in the world!

We know you visited the US this past summer in 2022. Tell us about that. Yes, I had the opportunity to dance in different states of the USA with the help of Steve Balfour and Roy Gómez Cruz with their tribute to Freddy Mercury, a hit show that took place last season at the Palm. It was great as I met many people in Portland, Ogunquit, Saugatuck and Chicago.

This year’s Boys On Fire show at The Palm is your International show. Where did the idea for the international show come from? I had two potential ideas for the show this season, but together with Mark Rome, we decided on the international show this year, leaving the other one for next year! In addition to handsome boys with athletic bodies, this season we wanted a cultural show. So that is why we travel the world showing the characteristics of each country not only with costumes, but with the choreography, music and videos!

Your costumes for the international show are fabulous. Tell us who helped you design them. We have made the costumes with Meraki LR productions by Luis Shuls and Joel Jordan. These are my very good friends and made locally with high quality.  The new international show represents the origin and variety of 13 different countries.

We understand you have more Boys On Fire models that are not in the show. Yes,  Boys On Fire is made up of a wide variety of models, dancers, acrobats, singers, stilt walkers, fuegueros and go-go dancers! We love doing private events, anniversaries, birthdays, farewells and all events in general! We adapt to what you need for your event so contact us!

Second, I want the Boys of Fire men to be the first male modeling agency in PV. We want to be the first to present our models for advertising campaigns, fashion shows, short films, series and movies. We have already recorded advertising videos for hotels, fashion shows for local stores and campaigns for swimwear. I am launching a website that features them as models not associated with cabaret performance shows. Visit to see and book the models and follow them on facebook and instagram @boysonfiremx.




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