Chihuahua issues first birth certificate for change of gender identity

The Humanistic Center for Studies Related to Sexual Orientation (CHEROS by its initials in spanish ), an association that defends the rights of LGBT people in Chihuahua, and MEXICO IGUALITARIO, a litigation and legal support association, reported that the first correction was made in the state of birth certificate due to gender identity change.

To achieve this, the associations accompanied a legal process that lasted three months, the person concerned filed a writ of amparo before the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation so that his gender identity was recognized in his birth certificate.

“In recent days the ruling of the Supreme Court of Justice was carried out, where the Civil Registry of the State of Chihuahua is ordered to issue the birth certificate in favor of a person who promoted this amparo,” explained Luis Mendoza, president of CHEROS.

“This project allows people to access other types of rights: the right to education, to work, to health. Not having those identity documents is an obstacle and that directly impacts the quality of life of people”, said Alex Alí Méndez, Director of MEXICO IGUALITARIO.

The activists pointed out that it’s important that the transgender gender identity change is a matter that involves a simple process in the Civil Registry, as it happens in Mexico City and how it was recently approved in Michoacán estate, since currently people who want to make a change of gender identity should promote a legal procedure (amparo), which is complex, expensive and inaccessible for many people.

They also pointed out that the fact that a judge decides whether or not a change of legal identity is to refuse to recognize the self-determination of the people and leave a third party to validate their gender identity.

“We urge that through an administrative process, the manifestation of the person is sufficient to do the procedure and that does not require or prove that he is under hormonal or medical treatment, or that he has undergone a surgical intervention of sexual assignment”, the activists pointed out.


With information from El Sol del Parral. Image taken from Cuponerapp.



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