Puerto Vallarta BeefDip Bear And Leather Event Cancelled For 2021

puerto vallarta beef dip 2021

Puerto Vallarta BeefDip Bear And Leather Event Cancelled For 2021Puerto Vallarta BeefDip Bear And Leather Event Cancelled For 2021. Here is an official statement issued from the Beef Dip Organizer Steve Buczek. 

As we all continue to navigate our way through these challenging times, we at BeefDip Bear Week® have made the very difficult decision to cancel our International Event this year in Puerta Vallarta Mexico. It has not been an easy decision for us to make, however it is the most responsible one at this time. We are aware that BeefDip has had a tremendous economic impact on Puerta Vallarta over the past seventeen years bringing in millions of dollars over the week long event and has provided over a hundred thousand dollars in fundraising revenue to local community organizations.
We have looked at every possible alternative to cancelling this year, however based on the number of patrons BeefDip brings into the community for the week it is impossible for us to comply with the COVID restrictions at hotels, restaurants, bars etc, and most importantly keep our patrons and residents of Puerto Vallarta safe. Also bring an event with international appeal and with the reports of infection cases rising all over the world, we cannot consciously take the risk of holding a potential “super spreader” event in the community. We continue to be invested in running BeefDip Bear Week® in Puerta Vallarta in January 2022 and can assure you that the event will be larger than ever when we do. We have continued over the years to see the numbers of individuals grow. We don’t anticipate a decrease in the number of attendees next year. BeefDip feels that if we were to run the event in 2021 and we are not able to accommodate the numbers of patrons this year it could have serious implications on the community in Puerto Vallarta and on our future events. We want to ensure success over the years to come not create any negativity towards the community. In closing, BeefDip stands with the people of Puerto Vallarta and our patrons to keep them safe and healthy through these most challenging times.

Steve Buczek & The Beef Dip Bear Week® Team



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