Schedule for Puerto Vallarta Virtual Gay Pride 2020

pv virtual gay pride 2020

Here is the Schedule for Puerto Vallarta Virtual Gay Pride 2020. 

virtual pride schedule 2020


This group‘s intention is to organize a community event by members of the LGBTQ community and their friends. We are inclusive to all and welcome everyone. The event is June 8-14, 2020 and this group will host LIVE feed videos featuring local businesses near and dear to us all. The corona virus pandemic caused the cancellation of Vallarta Pride 2020 scheduled to begin Thursday, May 21st, 2020. Puerto Vallarta gay nightlife is vital to the culture and businesses in the Romantic Zone. The hundreds of bar staff and employees are without jobs with their primary source of income gone.

There are so many wonderful organizations within Puerto Vallarta that are also hosting events. PV Virtual Gay Pride is not in affiliation with any organized charity, business or association. This is a community. If you’re hosting a pride month event of any kind, list it here! Vallarta Pride has some BIG events planned, make sure you like their page to find out more. Local businesses that can keep you informed all year round with what is happening in Vallarta will be listed in comments….add to the growing list! Email [email protected] or check our  facebook group for more information. 

As a result of the crisis, the Vallarta pride committee decided to sponsor another pride fundraising event to help support those employees who are without income. This event called PV Strong was held May 23, 2020 in cooperation with Brian Kent Productions.  This event was a Live-Streamed YouTube and Facebook Event hosted by Brian Kent and Drag Cabaret Sensation, Sutton Lee Seymour.  With gay nightlife being central to the Puerto Vallarta LGBTQ culture in the Romantic Zone, the purpose of the Puerto Vallarta Nightlife Relief Fund (PVNRF) is to provide financial relief to workers in the nightlife industry for as long as the current crisis continues. As of 5/29/20 the PV Strong Fund has raised $24, 428 dollars!. 



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