Edie the Entertainer “Las Vegas Burlesque comes to PV!”


OPENING NIGHT Thursday, December 7 – 9:30

Show Dates: (Red Room – 9:30)
December 7, 9, 10
Ten times each week, Edie the Entertainer, takes the stage as hostess of Zumanity, Circue du Soleil’s show at the New York New York Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.  As the emcee of the show, Edie’s official title is “Mistress of Sensuality.” She commands the stage in front of a thousand or so people each night and has been a mainstay of the show for the past eight years!  A classically trained ballet dancer from Portland, Oregon, Edie traveled the U.S., dancing with many ballet companies before she moved to New York. Her gracious smile and sunny personality caught the attention of Cirque du Soleil, whose management is always looking for something unique. Edie is loved by millions of people who have seen her show throughout the years!
Act II is thrilled that Edie joins us this season!  This grand-dame of Las Vegas, a tall, slender, 60’s-type chanteuse, with long, well-toned legs, will give you a taste of Las Vegas burlesque! She sings! She dances!  She shocks!  But one thing for sure is that, as Edie floats around the stage clad in her black negligee and trademark bouffant wig, she will add a ladylike touch to the sexually-charged atmosphere. She is a master at chatting with the audience adlib and wrangling some of them onto the stage with her for some fun antics.  An evening with Edie will be remembered for a lifetime!  
Act II Entertainment Stages complex is located at Insurgentes 300 (corner of Basilio Badillo & Insurgentes) 2nd floor Zona Romántica Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco Tel 322.222.1512 tickets can be purchased at www.act2pv.com box office opens daily at 10:00 a.m., and there is a second box office across the street from Garbos on Pulpito street in the Romantic Zone.



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