Michael of Michael Lucas Entertainment Should Puerto Vallarta be reopening?

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michael lucas entertainment

Michael of Michael Lucas Entertainment Should Puerto Vallarta be reopening? Reading all the things that have been written on social media lately,  I was a bit hesitant about coming back to Puerto Vallarta. There are some crazy stories going online. I was really miserable in New York and really missing PV. However, I decided to return to Puerto Vallarta last week and I am here now. 

What some people have been saying about the situation here in PV is just not true. I have lots of friends from America and Canada who lived here throughout the entire crisis. People have been saying that ambulances have been racing around at all hours of the day and night. But I live right next to the hospital and these claims just aren’t true. PV has basically been closed for two months and there were no tourists. In the past two weeks the beaches, restaurants, some bars and hotels have reopened. Even the gyms have reopened.

Since getting back here I have been really impressed by the measures they have got in place. I work out every day here with my trainer at FitClub. In the gym you step into a disinfectant pool as soon as you come in. They take your temperature, there is mandatory disinfectant of your hands and you have to wear a mask (which they give you if you don’t have). Everybody who works there wears protective shields, and there are staff disinfecting everything non-stop. There are similar procedures in place at all the restaurants and other places that I have visited. Mantamar and other beach clubs that have reopened all have their own really good procedures.

The people criticising PV for opening back up, who say it is immoral for it to open up mostly haven’t even been here. To my mind it is immoral to stop people coming here. The people who live and work in PV do not receive money from the government. They are hardworking people and they need to make a living. After three months of struggling, it is really important for their businesses that people start to come back.

I’ve been here for one week. Puerto Vallarta is reopening. Tourists are coming back and it is really good to see. The city is really well set up for it. And I can tell you it is much better being here than in New York or any American city at the moment. These are my thoughts, Michael Lucas Lucasentertainment.com.

This is a guest editorial opinion and may not necessarily reflect the opinion of GAYPV. 



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