WHO:Do We Really Need Gay Circuit Parties During The COVID 19 Crisis?

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WHO:Do We Really Need Gay Circuit Parties During The COVID 19 Crisis? This question was asked by Mike Ryan, Executive Director at World Health Organization (WHO) Health Emergencies, speaking in a August 2020 discussion asks the younger generation “Do you really need to go to that party? Younger people also need to take on board that they have a responsibility.” Why this statement? Current data from the WHO shows those infected with Corona Virus between the ages of 15-24 has risen three-fold in the last five months. So many have been asking the question, should we be going to parties now during the pandemic?  

One of the first gay dance floors to get bad news was the Miami White Party 2020, held March 4-10, 2020 at the start of the worsening COVID 19 pandemic. Unfortunately, the event was held with thousands attending and As of April 2020, atleast 3 attendees died from coronavirus.  Popular gay actor Ian Frost faced immense social shaming as he posted his attendance at a New York City house party in May 2020. 

Outside of Puerto Vallarta, gay bars and clubs already faced tough conditions before the pandemic. Worldwide gay bars and venues have been closing everywhere including in cities like New York and San Francisco. So far Puerto Vallarta has not lost any bars or clubs permanently yet. Some visitors report feeling safer at the Puerto Vallarta bars and businesses that are open

Puerto Vallarta gay bars and clubs including parties and large events (over 50 people) were closed March 17, 2020. This led to dance and circuit parties of Semana Santa being cancelled or postphoned and Puerto Vallarta Gay Pride 2020 going virtual. Also major circuit parties Vallarta Heat and H20 were cancelled as well. Mantamar announced it was withdrawing the use of its location as a venue for the recent Sunland Festival in Puerto VallartaSome visitors to Puerto Vallarta gay businesses report feeling safer here than in the United States.  

Do you feel comfortable wearing a mask on the dance floor? What is the attitude of younger people regarding safety and social distancing at parties? Do they feel safer going to parties than older generations? What does the future hold for gay circuit parties in Puerto Vallarta? Can you have social distancing at an open air party during this pandemic? When will you feel comfortable going to a dance party again? Tell us your thoughts. 




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