Puerto Vallarta Police Complete 1st Stage LGBTQ Sensitivity Training


Following three months of intense training, the Puerto Vallarta Police have successfully completed the first stage of sensitivity training. 10 sessions were held from May 18th, 2023 to August 16, 2023 where operational and tactical issues were covered along with LGBTQ tourism, crime prevention, and protection.

The person in charge of this training was Ismael Rossi, a psychologist with a psychoanalytic and Gestalt training specifically in problems of the LGBTQ+ community. His experience in the media and his career in mental health, especially at the Vallarta Gay Clinic, have positioned him as an essential figure in the field of sexual diversity and human rights.

Rossi commented: “Training is essential, but what is truly transformative is seeing the willingness and commitment of the elements to bring this learning to their daily work. It is essential that those in charge of maintaining order and security in our city are fully informed and sensitized about diversity and human rights”.

Víctor Espíndola, coordinator of the initiative with a long history of defending and promoting the rights of the LGBTIQ+ community, highlighted that “Puerto Vallarta has taken a significant step towards consolidation as an emblematic city in inclusion. These trainings not only benefit community directly, but reinforce the police’s commitment to understanding and respecting diversity. The urgency of having legal support areas that support officers against possible accusations related to alleged human rights violations was expressed, as well as the relevance of developing information campaigns for citizens, clarifying the scope and application of human rights in the area of security,” he said. He further explained the need to update police action protocols considering categories such as sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression.

The Citizen Security Commissioner, Rigoberto Flores Parra, who supported the establishment of this training project, added: “Constant training is the pillar of a corporation that adapts to the current needs of our society. I am convinced that this is the correct path and I thank Rossi and Espíndola for guiding us in this process”.

Movement for Equality in Mexico, MOVii expects further training further continuing Puerto Vallarta’s commitment to inclusion and respect for diversity.




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