Addicted Sportswear Introduces New Erotic Collection, AD Fetish

addicted underwear
Addicted, the popular men’s athletic line, is adding sting to Spring this year with AD Fetish, it’s sexy new collection of kink wear.  “Customers were craving a harder line of gear that re-imagined the Addicted brand for the S&M scene,” explains founder Eduardo Suner.  “Our new AD Fetish collection blends fashion with erotica.  It offers the same quality, fit and comfort found in our popular sports collection, but takes the fun to an edgier, naughtier playing field.”
The AD Fetish collection features stylish tank tops, jock straps, harnesses, singlets, lingerie, leather items and even cock rings,  finely and meticulously crafted by Addicted’s superior artisan team.  “It’s been fun to innovate and create with no limits,” says designer Carmen Monforte.  “The AD Fetish collection allows us to go beyond the cotton, lycra and mesh in our sports collections.  We’re able to incorporate exciting new materials like rubber, leather, and transparencies into our creations.”
She says the design team is also having fun with the basic colors of fetish and their meanings within the underground scene.  Traditionally, colors have been used to depict a guy’s sexual preference from blue meaning DTF to red, a more aggressive DTF, and yellow (DTF with water).  “All of our garments tell their own stories but with AD Fetish, our designers had to keep in mind the significance a particular color has to the community and the very specific message it delivers,” continues Monforte. 
The biggest factor separating AD Fetish from traditional fetish wear is its fit and quality.  “As a men’s fashion label, materials and craftsmanship are top priority,” explains Nir Zilberman, the brand’s USA agent.  “Our leather is softer than traditional fetish gear.  Our shirts and pants are tailored to fit every body shape perfectly.  And while traditional gear breaks or rips quickly, AD Fetish is built to last, even through the roughest play.”
Because garments are fashion first, they’re also interchangeable; perfectly suited to be worn at the start of an evening —while dining at a restaurant or mingling at a bar — and through a night’s finish in bed or at the bathhouse.
AD Fetish is the first fetish line from Addicted, the popular men’s athletic wear company. Since  2009, the brand has been dedicated to the design, manufacturing and sale of men’s underwear, swimwear, and sportswear.  It was founded by Eduardo Suner, also the founder of ES Collection, and has distinguished itself by setting trends and pushing the envelope in stylish, sexy and very wearable men’s fashion.  
The AD Fetish collection is sold directly at,  as well as at select retail partners worldwide.



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