Aesthetic Anti-Aging Clinic By Dra Ihara Ramirez

We are so excited to talk to Dra Ihara Rodriguez about opening your new aesthetic and anti-aging clinic in the romantic zone of Puerto Vallarta. The Dra Ihara Maday Rodriguez clinic is located at 314 Aguacate Street the commercial building where Warren Brander Realty and Mexlend is located.

First tell us where you are from and about your medical training.
I  was born in Puerto Vallarta and graduated from the University Of Guadalajara with my master’s degree in Aesthetic Medicine from IMMAE (Instituto Mexicano de Medicina Estetica Antienvejecimiento).

What do you specialize in at the clinic? We have Klaser Blue the first blue laser in Mexico and in Puerto Vallarta that is made in Italy. It is the first blue laser using 3 wave lengths making it the least invasive of all blue lasers. It’s a fractional, non-ablative laser ideal for those seeking to prevent the signs of aging and sun damage. This laser performs more than 40 procedures like superior skin tightening (endo-lifting and double chin liposuction), resurfacing, cellulite treatments, cells bio-stimulation and post-surgical treatments.

The benefits with this laser for you:
improves the upper tightening of the skin,
stimulates the production of collagen, elastin, and fibroblasts,
And the best thing it is the most minimally invasive of all blue lasers!

We also do Botox, Fillers, lipo-enzymes to reduces located fat or treat fibrosis, facelift with PDO threads, endolifting with klaser blue, doble chin liposuction, hyperhidrosis treatment, peelings for hyperpigmentation and facials.

Why did you choose to open your clinic here in PV? We all want to have a healthy life style.

What procedures do you offer that use Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)?
This is one of my favorites. We apply in the face, neck, or chest to help clear darks spots, bio-stimulate your skin, reduce scars. Most importantly PRP injections in combination with klaser laser bio-stimulates the capilar zone.

Speak to someone considering having an aesthetic procedure done in Mexico for the first time, but who is afraid to for various reasons. Tell us about the medical procedures and equipment used in Mexico compared to the US and Europe.
First of all, before performing an aesthetic procedure, verify that the person they go to is a Doctor! Since there are many people who inject botox, fillers or even perform surgeries without being doctors and unfortunately many people fall into the hands of these fakers because they have more accessible prices. They would not have to fear if they go to a doctor since we are regulated by COFEPRIS and therefore all the injectables and medical equipment that we have must meet high quality standards, for the same reason you can find the same brands as in the USA and Europe. For my part, I seek constant updating in all procedures, since aesthetic medicine is a branch of medicine that is always innovating, for the same reason we cannot stay behind. A clear example in my clinic is that we have Klaser Blue, the first blue light laser in Mexico of Italian origin.

What do clients need to know about aesthetics in Mexico? They will not have to fear since aesthetic medicine in Mexico is at the forefront like anywhere in the world. We have excellent technology applied to aesthetic medicine, injectables and adjuvant treatment to follow up at home.

Can most of your aesthetic procedures be done inside typical vacation activities and time frames? Or should the patient set aside extra time and/or vacation activities (drinking and partying) for some procedures?
I always recommend that in the case of fillers with hyaluronic acid, you do it 2 days before your departure due to the follow-up that we have to give you. In the case of botox, take care of yourself for the next 4 hours after the application, it will always depend on what procedure you want to perform, since there will be times when they do not fit your vacation activities.

Tell us about your facial procedures.
The cosmetologist provides personalized attention to offer you the facial treatment that meets the needs of your skin. We have basic facial cleansing for people who just want to add an extra touch to their skincare routine, but we also have deep cleansing for patients with acne-prone skin or grease as well as exfoliating back scrubs. We have moisturizing facials, biostimulation facials at the cellular level with Klaser Blue, cold facials for people with sensitive skin who want a feeling of freshness and relief. All procedures are carried out with quality products to offer you the best.

Are there procedures you will do in the future?
We will be in constant renovation to always offer the best. This month we are adding the treatment for axillary hyperhydros with Klaser Blue that eliminates sweat glands giving a long-term result.

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How do readers get in touch with you at the clinic? They can follow us on Instagram @dra.iharamaday @goodskin.pv or on Facebook: Dra. Ihara Maday Rodriguez Ramirez



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