Gay Mexico G Pride introduced in Puerto Vallarta

Gay Mexico G Pride introduced in Puerto Vallarta. G Pride is a carbonated drink, launched 2 months ago in Mexico City, Guadalajara and Monterey and now with great acceptance in Puerto Vallarta. G Pride has the objective of offering specifically to the LGBT community a high quality energy drink, great price with healthy organic benefits. 
Why G Pride and why is it great to drink ?
  • It is the only energy drink in Mexico, focused on the LGBT community,  with great impact and acceptance in the LGBT community. 
  • It is the only drink of its kind not offering Taurine, so you can also drink alcohol with G Pride
  • The main ingredients of G Pride is Guarana, 15mg Vitamins and 100 mg Caffeine which gives you energy safely without the side effects of Taurine
  • G Pride is also Sugar Free so anyone with diabetes can drink it also.
  • When you buy G Pride you are supporting the only brand of energy drink supporting the LGBT community. 
  • Look for our fans, aprons, sunglasses, and T-shirts giveaways from local sponsors and distributors.
G Pride
Look for G Pride in the following locations in Puerto Vallarta Mexico
Mantamar   Spartacus Spa   Hotel Mercurio and Bar   Mr Flamingo  Anonimo   La Noche  Wet Dreams   Casa Cupula   Kinky   La Margarita   Mantamar Beach Club



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