Mexican Culture How to Drink in Mexico

mexican culture drinking

Mexican Culture how to drink in Mexico. 

Everyone loves to do the Macarena but some of us are shy and can use a few shots of tequila to get us on to the dance floor. In Puerto Vallarta we have observed young and old alike applying Dutch courage to show off their hidden talents. It can make for a fun evening and the next day on the beach spent in recovery. Being on vacation often means letting loose a little, not doing things one usually might do at home and after all, as the saying goes “what happens in Puerto Vallarta stays in Puerto Vallarta.” This isn’t always the best and brightest of plans and can often go awry, just by design.


Recently there have been a lot of stories floating around the internet about tainted alcohol in Mexican resorts. This stemmed from a beautiful young lady drowning in a pool in Playa del Carmen. Shewas 20 years old, not legal drinking age in her home-state of Wisconsin and we suspect not a seasoned drinker. It has been reported that she took five or six shots of alcohol and then went swimming. Our deepest condolence to her family, as this is surely a horrific tragedy but we believe, in the most humble fashion, that her death could have been easily avoided. Hence, it would not have led to the rash of reports on the internet from tourists convinced they were served tainted alcohol.

There is no doubt that bars can skimp on booze, often serving the cheapest spirits available. Regardless of where you order a drink, be it Cancun or Omaha, if you order the house brand, you are not getting quality. It is often quality, as much as quantity that will keep you from getting snockered and spending the next day with your head aching and sweat oozing from your pores. Unless you allow yourself to be over served and herein lies the problem with all part-time drinkers.

When in Puerto Vallarta, we recommend not allowing that girl in the disco who is dressed as a bandolero to poor shots down your throat, all the while pounding on your head and demanding pesos. Avoid “jello shots,” which are the source of the cheapest

and most intoxicating booze available. Don’t encourage friends to “do shots” especially when they don’t want to!

Request quality alcohol. You don’t have to ask for Don Julio when ordering a margarita in Puerto Vallarta but find out about tequilas before you make the trip. There are good products, such as Cazadores or Herradura, which aren’t super expensive but they are a way better than the house fare. Do some research; it’s your liver.

Finally, limit yourself and make a group decision about your limitations. Carry only enough cash in pesos to drink that maximum and get you back home. Drinking is a team sport, in which you make your own rules. Make sure you’re winning at the game.

by Adam Garcia for Boardwalk Realty

Boardwalk Realty Puerto Vallarta represents buyers and sellers of real estate in the entire Bay of Banderas area.When long time friends and colleagues Michael Green and John Swanson decided to open Boardwalk Realty it was not an impulse. It was not, as they say, their “first rodeo.” As long-time residents of Puerto Vallarta they were drawn to real estate as both have experienced the joys of owning property in this enchanting city.  Each has been living and investing in Puerto Vallarta properties for more than 15 years.



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