Human Growth Hormones: Enhancer or Healer? HGH Benefits Cancun

Karim Abdul Jabbar had hip surgery when he was just a young boy and this led to imbalances in the body. He played for the Dolphins in the NFL and in order to be better he went under the knife. After give years of playing professionally, he had more problems and this is when he turned to HGH or human growth hormones.

A local surgeon in Miami injected human growth hormones in his joint and this procedure happened every other week for two months. He pumped more of the biosynthetic material into Karim’s joint until it was comfortable and pain-free for him to go back to the field.

Karim does not regret turning to HGH to alleviate his physical problems. Although the substance is considered controversial, for him it was just a matter of using whatever is available to keep himself in the field.

The World Anti-Doping Agency considers HGH as a performance enhancing substance. It is banned by the NFL and other leagues and it is commonly put in the same group as anabolic steroids although even elite athletes have admitted to using it.

People who follow sports closely might recognize Ben Johnson, the multi awarded sprinter who was stripped of all his Olympic medals after he was proved to use substances criminalized by federal lawmakers. This is why today, in the public’s minds, HGH is dope and is illegal.

However, many athletes think otherwise. The drugs are separate from one another. Steroids build powerful muscles, while HGH helps people recover from injury. They do not believe that HGH has the capability of giving people strength.

Such an impression has the support of some of the people in the scientific community. Research done on HGH has been on the elderly and not athletes. Studies have shown that although HGH might help increase the muscle’s size, it is not tantamount to increase in strength. An article published in the American Journal of Sports Medicine concluded that there is no evidence to prove that increase in HGH will lead to increase in performance.

The body through the anterior pituitary gland produces HGH naturally and it plays a major role in the body’s growth and stimulation of the liver and other tissues. HGH has gained so much popularity that professional athletes; college players; and even high school players now use it.

Some doctors prescribe HGH to their patients while others do not approve its use for surgical rehabilitation. Athletes who want to use it for such purpose often get it through other means. However, although these doctors do not prescribe it, they do not disapprove its use. All of them are ready to embrace its use for surgical rehabilitation once science proves it is useful.

But the though of athletes abusing HGH in order to improve their performance worries the doctors. There are numerous risks that come with abusing HGH and some of them are hypertension, joint and muscle pain, abnormal growth of organs, and carpal tunnel syndrome.

The current notion that HGH can help in the rehabilitation of the body ensures that athletes and people will continue to seek it for a long time to come. A lot of people expect that it will become even more popular in the years to come. However, the question remains, if HGH is a recovery tool, is there any way to ensure that abuse is prevented? For now HGH will remain like a dirty secret.

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