SETAC Celebrates 13th Anniversary

The organization Solidaridad Ed Thomas, AC, (SETAC) Puerto Vallarta’s LGBTQ+ center recently celebrated 13 years of providing comprehensive health and wellness services in Puerto Vallarta. In the beginning, the main goal was responding to HIV and fighting discrimination and stigma of AIDS.

SETAC currently

  • Monthly, serves 250 patients each month
    Annually, conducts 1,500 HIV tests and distributes 120,000 condoms
    Has two offices: 1 in Zona Romantica and 1 in Versailles plus a permanent information booth in Lazaro Cardenas Park and a laboratory


  • Employs 15 specializing in sexual and emotional health
  • including bilingual doctors specializing in STIs, PrEP, PEP, and general medicine
  • two bilingual psychologists who are experts in LGBTQ+ relationships and sign language
  • a nurse
  • sex therapist counselor
  • pharmacobiologist
  • chemist
  • communication and marketing team
  • administrative staff

One of SETAC’s biggest achievements has been bringing free PrEP to Puerto Vallarta. Víctor Espíndola, director of institutional development, adds that SETAC provides courses and workshops, channels patients to existing public and private medical services, develop programs and public policies linking the community and local health agencies.

The non-profit center is currently developing a new transgender safe space. They have had a vision since 2009 for a true LGBTQ community center. They are remodeling a 350 sq meter property in the romantic zone that will be a community center with an LGBTQ kitchen, a dressmaking workshop and a beauty salon.

If you would like to make a donation to SETAC, check their site here. 


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