If the Peso is Climbing and US Dollar is Flat, What does it Cost for Limes (or a Condo) in Vallarta?

by Ron Morgan Properties

A recent Bloomberg headline exclaimed “Mexican Peso Just Hit a Ten-Month High”.  And a Canadian Newspaper announced that the “Loonie climbs against U.S. dollar” .

Currencies rise and fall and headlines come and go.  The bottom line is it’s still more affordable to live in Vallarta than in most – if not all –  American and Canadian cities.

Transit, Condos, Clothing, Beer and Limes are a Steal – In Mexico

A recent sign sighting in a Canadian grocery store had limes at 59 cents each. The same-sized limes at Mega on Francisco Medina were advertised at $18.50 pesos per kg.  That works out to less than 10 cents per lime in Mexico compared to 59 in Ontario, Canada.

Introducing Numbeo: City-to-City Comparisons on the Cost of Living

But there’s an easier way to find item-per-item comparisons in case you’re considering a move to Puerto Vallarta

Numbeo.com. It’s a data-driven, user-generated, city-to-city, cost-of-living comparison tool.

Updated regularly, it gives you a quick look at basic needs like homes, food items, and transportation, and in any currency you desire, US or CAN or the British pound for that matter.

While it’s not perfect, at least you get a snapshot. And it updates automatically when money markets fluctuate.

So, the next time the Washington Post or Toronto Star screams that the “Mexican Peso Just Hit a Ten-Month High”, no need to hit the panic button.

Puerto Vallarta will remain far less expensive than living in any Canadian or U.S. city and an obvious choice for your retirement.



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