Puerto Vallarta Business Update August 29 2021

Puerto Vallarta Business Update August 29 2021 Hurricane Nora passed by Puerto Vallarta August 28 2021 bringing some major destruction mostly from flooding in limited areas of the city. Puerto Vallarta experienced a brief period of high winds and heavy rain Saturday evening into early Sunday morning. We have reports of major damage in areas along the Rio Cuale and one report of a death. There is street flooding, reports of water shortages in some colonias, some building damage and both roads into old town are closed. Residents along the River Cuale have been hit very hard. Keep those people in your thoughts and prayers and check on people you know or mark yourself safe. We will add business information as they come in so check back for updates.

From the City No crossing of Rio Cuale on foot or car into Old town. You must access old town by the Libramiento or the tunnel road. A part of old town near the rio Cuale (Incanto and Antropology) is closed until further notice.  Of course this will disrupt the public bus system into old town.

We hope everyone stays safe and checks on your friends and family. All information reported is believed to be accurate but subject to change and updates. Please see the end of the post for how you can help.

Road 200 going south to Mismaloya/Boca and El Tuito reports on social media as of 1pm 8/29 report Road 200 open to Playas Gemelas. There are reports the electricity is out in Boca De Tomatlan due to downed power lines, falling trees, and many landslides. CFE says it would be days before they could make repairs, as it was far worst further South in Tomatlan and El Tuito with reports of mudslides also.
The colonias of Buenos Aires, Remance, Canoas, Caloso and Paso Ancho along the River Cuale toward Canopy Eden, Amaria Villas, El Rio BBQ have been severely impacted. Avoid leisure travel there but check on friends, family and elderly.

Here is the latest regarding specific Puerto Vallarta gay businesses.

La Catrina Cantina is closed starting Sunday August 29 and reopens Wednesday Sept 1, 2021.

The Top Sky Bar is open until 11pm Sunday August 29 2021.

Hamam Spa closed from September 1-10 not related to the hurricane

Que?Pasa is open August 29, 2021, with electricity and TV, if you are without power……Bring your phone charger.

The #MunicipalMarket at the Rio Cuale and the legendary restaurant #LaFuenteDelPuente have been impacted due to flooding.

Galleria Dante and Di Vino Dante businesses and staff are ok and plan to open Monday Aug 30, 2021.

Amaria Villas is not damaged but without electricity and reports surrounding areas have been severely impacted. Four wheelers are out providing assistance.

Ryan Donner & Associates office and Joint Co-working Hotel is still standing. The hotel guests were evacuated prior to the arrival of the high waters, but Bonito Kitchen & Bar is gone along with the apartments above it. It appears that once the bridge began to collapse, it undermined the foundation of the front corner of the building. The water eroded the soil under the foundation which caused the eventual collapse of that portion of the building. The rest of the building is supported by columns that go into the bedrock below. Civil Protection will not allow us into the building to assess further damages. Please avoid traveling through town to get to Emiliano Zapata; instead take the main highway to get in and out of old town.
Chachalaca bar is closed Sunday August 29, 2021.

Hamburger Mary’s closed starting Sunday 8/29/21 reopening Thursday 9/2/21.

The Pool Club At Casa Cupula closed August 29, 2021. The brunch is open with entrance from the lower terrace Sunday from 10am to 2 pm.

Bravos, Poblanos and Siam restaurants will be closed starting Sunday August 29, 2021 and reopen Tuesday September 1, 2021.

Si Senor Beach restaurant is open Sunday August 29, 2021.

Barcelona Tapas will be open for Sunday August 29, 2021 for dinner from 5 – 11 and the rest of the week from 5 – 12.

Oscar’s  Restaurant on the Rio Cuale is standing and no material damage except there was damage to the roof and floor of the Tequilera.

Wanting to help those in need?
Hurricane Nora Relief Concert Live at Chachalaca and Virtual Live Feed. We all know someone affected by the disaster of Hurricane Nora. She came in late on August 28th and continued to sweep a path of destruction throughout our beloved Puerto Vallarta. We know so many businesses, artists, families and animals that need our support. Puerto Vallarta Virtual Pride is rallying around its LGBTQ+ community and bringing a on night only, star studded, live concert extraordinaire to you virtually, in person and full of strength. All ticket sales profits and online donations and tips will be going directly to the restoration of the iconic Incanto Piano Bar, Vallarta Food Bank & Red Cross Disaster Relief Mexico. See more info at this page
Hamburger Mary’s Sponsoring Fresh Water Drive After Hurricane Nora. This program will help get fresh drinking water to the residents of Puerto Vallarta. After Hurricane Nora flooded the streets near the River Cuale and in the Buenos Aires Colonial, thousands of people are without fresh drinking water and electricity. Donations are now being accepted at Hamburger Mary’s Puerto Vallarta starting Monday August 30, 2021 at 1pm.  Hamburger Mary’s is located at 283 Basilio Badillo Street in the zona romantica of Puerto Vallarta. See the google map location here.
Hurricane Nora Relief Effort: Jet has set up a contact form for those who would like to donate or help.
Name, contact #/whatsapp (with country code) or email and what you can donate. So we may be able to direct donations to the proper channels.
Will list authenticated relief funds here when available:
Vallarta Food Bank
Ayudemos A Ayudar: https://gofund.me/af04f6ae
The PV SPCA  322 117 7406 was completely flooded and animals were evacuated to the school down the street.  VOLUNTEERS are needed to:
– Bridge House
– Taking care of dogs
– Feed them
– Clean your conveyors where they had to spend the night.
– You can donate food
– Food and water dishes (hondos)
– Garbage bags
– Soap
– Paper
– Cobijas
– Help with transportation vehicles



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