2018 Puerto Vallarta Tourism News by Javier Pedrero Director of Tourism

new tourism director of puerto vallarta

2018 Puerto Vallarta Tourism News by Javier Pedrero Director of Tourism. Puerto Vallarta is currently one of the most visited places in Mexico where tourists are attracted by its beautiful beaches and hotel infrastructure. The destination has a great present and a promising future but to know more details about the present, Javier Aranda Pedrero, General Director of the Tourism Trust recently responded to questions in a recent interview with T2L.

How many tourists have arrived in Puerto Vallarta so far this year, and what is the trend until December 2018? At the end of June we have approximately 1 million 300 thousand tourists between national and international arrivals. We are talking about a little more than 950 thousand international tourists and in the case of nationals a little more than 370 thousand. The trend is that by the end of the year we are with numbers a little above the closing we had in 2017 with 715 thousand national tourists and a little more than 1 million 550 thousand international tourists registered and the trend from that we continue to increase connectivity is that we continue to make progress in the number of tourists visiting Puerto Vallarta.

Which markets are those that head the ranking in that destination?
Because of a geographical issue we obviously have a very good influence from the United States and Canada market, which would be number 1 and 2 followed by the domestic tourists. Through the flights over the last 3 years from the United Kingdom, they have been positioning themselves as the fourth most important market. We are very interested in making the Central and South American market reactivated, which is where we have been working mostly during the last years, trying to also generate greater connectivity.

In which issuing country are you giving the main attention to promotional actions?
I continue working with the US, Canadian and national markets, but particularly this year we are having a very incisive job towards Central and South America.

What kind of tourism segment is a priority for you?
We fortunately have a very wide offer in the destination so families, couples, groups of friends, millennials and seniors, are important for us. We are a destination that is fortunate to have repeat visitors attracted to this area who have been visiting us for years so now we take advantage of three different age groups that visit us. It is obviously important sun and beach activities, mountain activities, and thanks to the many great gastronomic offerings we have foodies also becoming important for the destination. We have great things for foodies for all tastes, for all needs and for all budgets.

How do you describe the micro=climate of tourism business in the midst of the 2018 elections?
The elections have already passed and luckily the tourist activity continued to operate normally. We expect tranquility until the 1st of December when the new government takes over. We will continue with the joint strategies of work both with the state and with the federal tourism to continue increasing the flow of national tourists and especially conquering more international tourists..

What is the expectation with the new government that comes to the presidency of Mexico?
We want us to go on a path of growth where each day we are maturing and identify new segments in tourism one of the economic pillars of the county. We want to continue to grow in international tourism without neglecting domestic tourism which we want to reach a goal of 70% domestic tourism.

Copa Airlines has just announced new flights to Puerto Vallarta, what is your vision in this regard?
For some time we had been looking for air connectivity that was easier, more friendly from Central and South America. Being able to have this  flight from Panama is part of our goal to increase tourism from the southern hemisphere areas of Colombia, Argentina, and Brazil to Puerto Vallarta.

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